family finances

Family Finances

On the blog in May I am going to be running a series on family finances. A central source of information for these posts will come from the survey that so many of you kindly filled in for me – I received over 600 responses so have some fantastic data to work with!

I have also sought experts to discuss other areas of finance, like the financial implications of returning to work, updating your wardrobe on a budget and of course your tips on feeding a family on a budget.

I won’t be writing a full post on how to set a budget and how to track it, as I have written about this previously and also other finance matters which you can find through clicking on the links below:

I am also hoping this series will help me refocus on our family budget too Рcurrently we are over budget. A combination of unexpected physio treatments and  smashed window replacements finds us a few hundred over budget. Knowing the expenses we have coming up in May, our goal is to halve the amount we are over budget by the end of this month, then the remainder in June, with the aim of a balanced budget at the halfway point for the year.

So how are you placed with your family budget (if you set one!) – over, under or balanced?