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How Much Do You Spend On Food?

This is the question I have been asked many times already this year in emails by readers. I thought instead of looking at what I spend as my circumstance and family set up could be completely different to yours, I thought I would run a short anonymous survey to gather data on spending habits of Australian families on food.

From the data I hopefully can then share on the blog information about what the average spend for a family of four is, what percentage of families are setting budgets and what families do to save money on their food bill.

I would very much appreciate if you would fill in the survey below. It is all tick box or multiple choice, but you do have the option to leave me your best money saving tips at the end of survey. The survey should only take about two minutes to complete. If you are reading via email, please click here to go directly to the survey.

The more responses I receive the better, so if you are on facebook, Google+, Twitter or other social networks, please feel free to share the survey. You can just copy and paste the below message or use the direct link .

Have 2 minutes to spare? Would love it you could complete this anonymous survey on spending habits of Australian families on food.

Thank you! Nic

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