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Thinking Of Returning To Work Or Study?

I have started writing on a new series over at Kidspot this year called Inspiring everyday women.  It is sponsored by SEEK Learning and is aimed at inspiring, encouraging and showing women how they might return to work or study if they have this on their list of things to do.

I am writing about the more practical side of things, while Maxabella is showing how she is returning to study and undertaking a Digital Photography Course . Kelly Exeter is sharing inspiring interviews with Australian women who are following their passion.

Here is a quick summary of what you can find from me:
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So you want to return to work, maybe?

Tips for rejoining the workforce after baby. If you are planning to return to work after baby or are undecided about your options, here are a list of things you need to consider. Read more…..
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Exploring your return-to-work options

Thinking about returning to work? A look at the current trends in employment. Read more…..
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Returning to work: Mind the gap

Helps you make an honest assessment of your skills and experience to see if there are any gaps you will need to fill before returning to work. Highlights resources to help you and what grants are available for parents returning to work. Read more…..
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What is the right job for me?

Once you know you do want to return to work, “finding the right job for me” becomes a top priority. Here are two free tools to help you find the best fit. Read more…..
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What’s your ‘return to work’ path?

Whether your leave was short or extended, the prospect of mixing work + family can be daunting. Here are tips for returning to work after maternity leave. Read more…..
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Finding support when you return to work

Your return to work after maternity leave will impact the whole family. To be successful you need to involve and seek the support of your family + friends. Read more…..
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How to set goals that won’t drive you crazy

Setting goals is a useful tool to help you manage your return to work. These tips will help you set SMART goals that won’t drive you crazy. Read more…..

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Have you been contemplating returning to work or study?