organising kids clothes

Kids’ Clothing – How Much Do They Need?

organising kids clothes

I have been asked this question a couple of times by readers and I never really have a great answer. The most recent email exchange with a lovely mum named Katie went like this:


I am wondering if you have some guidelines that you follow when deciding how many of each type of clothing you have for each of your kids (ie. how many pants, how many t- shirts etc)? I read your blog about organising your kids drawers etc which was good. I have the enviable problem of having too many generous friends who have donated pre-loved clothing to us and I don’t know how to decide how many of each type to keep.


I haven’t written about this topic because I am not very good at it! I find it hard to give away clothes in good condition. I am going to post this question on facebook and see what responses I get and collate the best of them and will post it on the blog.

So in this post I am doing just that! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to this post on the Planning With Kids Facebook page.

And good luck to Katie who is expecting her third child any day now!

My thoughts of managing kids’ clothing

Keeping on top of the kids’ clothes is always a work in progress. At times, some of the kids’ wardrobes or drawers can get to bursting point, if I haven’t kept on top of it!  But here are some things that are working well for us at the moment:

  • Culling every quarter seems to be a frequency I should work to.
  • I find it is easier to manage the kids clothes when they are older, in school and wear a uniform. You definitely need less clothes once kids head to school and wear a uniform.
  • Each child has at least two school uniforms, plus a sports uniform. At least three pairs of school socks / stockings.
  • Mr I went through the kids’ drawers recently and left them with only two pairs of pyjamas each. The younger ones were just grabbing a new pair pretty much every night! This has worked really well.
  • About a 18 months ago Mr I bought two large plastic tubs and labeled one summer and one winter. When in summer like now, all of the kids’ winter uniforms are put away in the winter box. Any summer uniforms that do not fit any of the kids, are put away in the summer box. This system is working really well in terms of finding items of the right size for everyone when we change over seasons.
  • We tend to have only one really dressy outfit for each child. My kids don’t love wearing “fancy” clothes, so it is a waste to buy more items that will sit in the cupboard and rarely get worn.
  • Underwear and socks, I like to have at least seven pairs of each.

Suggested kids’ clothing guidelines from other mums

There was a great range of responses to how to manage kids clothing. Have a look through and see what might work for you:

Susan B Alton – Two weeks of outfits plus a few special occasion pieces for each season.

Katrina Harrison – I agree with Susan, even though I wash every few days its nice to have a [set of] fortnightly clothes ( in case of holidays etc) plus some dressy stuff which for boys is easy!!

Renée Hurley – For my 2.5 year old DS I find for summer: 2 pairs of dressy shorts, 4 dressy casual shorts, 4 yard shorts and 1 tshirt for each outfit plus 4 spares, 2 pairs of boardies/rashie and 4 hats. Then winter same again with same number of singlets and jumpers as tshirts. 3 pairs of shoes for each season.

For my 7 month old DD I have a bit more as she is a really messy eater even with a bib and I mix up shorts with skirts and dresses etc.

Allison Dench – I like to have at least enough to last a week plus a few spares.. and you can never have too many undies

Ella Sutton– I work as a nanny – general rule is 3 jumpers, 2 cardigans, 1 winter coat. 7 t-shits, 7 long sleeve shirts, 2 long dresses, 2 short dresses, 2 evening/party dresses, 3 soft shorts(sports), 2 denim shorts, 2 dress shorts, 2 board shorts, 5 jeans, 2 track pants, 1 dress pants, 3 skirts, 7 pairs of leggings (they don’t wear well), 1 horse riding leggings, 2 swim wear, 3 hats(school/nappy bag, car & home), a pair of wet, dress, sandal and running shoes. Underwear a minimum of 14 (7 day wears) but they currently have 20, 8 singlets. That is summer & winter wear, the key to make things easier is figure out what colour suits your child best and keep/buy things that mix and match with everything! If a child hasn’t worn an item in 30 days in that season it’s gone. Like adults they have their favorites. Mister 5 will only wear soft fabrics and only goes for light blue and red with one mid green shirt so thrown out most green, cream, grey, black & dark blue he won’t wear.

Jacinta Jesser – Wow! I am surprised! I only have one 2.5 DS, he grows so fast I buy very little. He has maybe 6 pairs shorts, 6 singlets and 6 t shirts. 2 pairs boardies and 3 hats and that’s summer! I wash every couple of days, don’t see the need for more than this, it will only be used for 6 mths tops!

Rebecca Egan – I did do 7 of each piece of clothing ie. 7 dresses, 7 shirts etc, probably still too much but I’m a hoarder! Also yes, they do wear a lot less once they start going to school, so the rule should probably reduce to 4 of each!

You can check Kids World for great clothes for kids.

What about you? Do you have guidelines that you follow when deciding how many of each type of clothing you have for each of your kids?