Organisation Inspiration To Kick Start 2013

How are you traveling a week or so into your new year’s resolutions? One of the most common resolutions I hear people make (me included!) is to get more organised, so today’s post is a collation of organisation themed posts to get you on your way.

The first five posts are posts I have written over at Kidspot Village Voices and then the remaining five are some fab finds I have collected from the internet over the last couple of months.

5 tips to help you stay on top of the housework

Simple tips to implement that will help you stay on top of the housework that you can easily fit into your daily routine.

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A school holiday plan to download

Make this school holidays one of the most relaxing and fun by undertaking some planning.

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8 tips to help you survive long road trips with kids

long road trips with kids
Practical tips to make sure you not only survive a long road trip with kids, but also have fun and make some great memories.

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Teaching my kids goal setting

goal setting with kids
Tips on goal setting with kids. A simple process to introduce kids to the concept of setting goals and following them through. Includes action plans for kids of all ages.

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How to organise the contents of your fridge

Tips on how you can keep the inside of your fridge clean and well organised.

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Personal organisation – 10 Bad Habits You Need to Break to Be More Productive

In this post from Time Management Ninja, Craig states:

Bad habits lead to bad productivity.
They result in self-inflicted stress and affect our ability to get our work done.

I agree and am guilty of doing some of the things on the list – time to change!

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Toy organisation – Ball Storage

If like us you have had a new influx of balls over Christmas, check ou this clever storage idea from Designed to Dwell.

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School organisation – Paperwork

I have a similar system to this running at home which you can see in my home office organisation post. Jen from I Heart Organizing has created these very pretty templates you can download for free.

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Entrance organisation – Entry hall

We always come in the side door at our place which goes straight onto the living room, so don’t really have the space for an entrance station, but I love these types of set ups. I even have a board dedicated to them on Pinterest! This one is from Chez Larsson.

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Living room organisation – Bookshelves

I love the way this bookshelf looks. I have some serious reorganising to do on our book shelves! This post from Cupcakes and Cashmere gives you a how to on how to organise your book shelves.

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What is inspiring your organisation at the moment?