Lunch Box Ideas and Menu Plan For December

The last lunch box idea post for the year! And only a few weeks left of school. I am really looking forward to school holidays. A break in the routine and a break from making lunch boxes!

Below are lunch box ideas for December, then after that is the December weekly menu plans for your reference, where you can download the plans and the shopping lists. In my post about coping with the busyness of Christmas I noted that one of my strategies is to recycle menu plans.

While the actual menu planning process itself is quite quick, formatting for the blog takes quite a bit of time. So the plan I have included this time is repeated, as a time saving mechanism for me.

Lunch Box Ideas – December Set 1

Lunch Box Ideas Dec Set 1
Easy calzones

Lunch Box Ideas Dec Set 1
No bake lemon balls

Lunch Box Ideas Dec Set 1
Fresh raspberries

Lunch Box Ideas Dec Set 1
Snow Peas

Lunch Box Ideas Dec Set 1
Vita weats

Together lunch box set 1 looks like:
Lunch Box Ideas Dec Set 1

Lunch Box Ideas – December Set 2

Lunch Box Ideas Dec Set 2
Oven baked arancini

Lunch Box Ideas Dec Set 2
Raspberry and White Choc Cookies

Lunch Box Ideas Dec Set 2
Special K

Lunch Box Ideas Dec Set 2

Lunch Box Ideas Dec Set 2
Cherry tomatoes

Together lunch box set 2 looks like:
Lunch Box Ideas Dec Set 2

If you are after further inspiration for school lunch boxes take a look at the Planning With Kids 2013 Calendar. Each month after January, you have two complete lunch box ideas and a list of some of the fruit and vegetables that are in season in Australia and will work well in the lunch box.
dec lunch box ideas

Read more here – PWK Lunch Box Ideas Calendar 2013.

Our Family Menu Plan For This Week.


Meal Type


Self Serve


Meat and Veg


Slow Cooker






Left Overs


Fun Night

Week Starting:
8th Dec
Sausages and Steamed Vegetables

Baking: New sweet treat to try
Slow Cooker Lemon ChickenMacaroni and CheeseBeetroot SoupLeft OversHomemade sushi
Week Starting:
15th Dec
Roast Chicken and Veg

Baking: Quinoa Snack Balls
Slow Cooker BolognaisePasta with Chicken and SpinachVegetable SoupLeft OversRice Paper Rolls
Week Starting:
22nd Dec
Sweet Chilli Chicken Wraps
Chicken Schnitzel and Veg

Baking: Oat and Seed Lunchbox Slice
Slow Cooker Beef StroganoffVeggie PastaSlow Cooker Chicken Noodle SoupLeft OversHome made pizzas
Week Starting:
29th Dec
Marinated Chicken Sticks and SaladSlow Cooker Roast Beef and Veg

Baking: Chocolate Scones
Slow Cooker SatayFettucine CarbonaraPumpkin SoupLeft OversQuesadilla
Week Starting:
5th Jan
Lamb Chops and Veg

Baking: No bake Lemon and Chia Balls
Slow Cooker Butter ChickenPasta AmatricianaBeetroot SoupLeft OversChicken Balls

You can download a zip ile containnig all 5 menu plans here – Planning With Kids – December Weekly Menu Plans.
If you are looking for further recipe inspiration, check out my complete list of Family Friendly Recipes. You might like to also check out Planning With Kids Menu Planning App.

Menu Planner App

The kid friendly menu planning app allows you to:

  • Create weekly menu plans quickly, choosing as many meals per day as you would like to plan for.
  • Generate the shopping list for all the meals selected.
  • Modify the shopping list to check off items you already have at home.
  • Email the shopping list to yourself and/or others.

The most popular recipes from the blog have been included and more will be added on a weekly basis. The app will notify you when new recipes have been added, so you will be able to deliver plenty of variety in your family’s menu plans. Each recipe lists the ingredients required, easy to follow instructions and a photo from the blog.

Do you ever recycle your menu plans?