Tips On Coping With Christmas Busyness – What Other Mums Do

Last week I shared how I cope with the extra busyness of the Christmas period. In that post I asked others about how they coped and if they could share the tips that worked for them. I had some great responses, so today grouped in sections, are fab tips on how some other mums cope with the Christmas busyness.

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Don't waste time on personal issues: Let bygones be bygones. Christmas is not about opening old wounds.Katie
Think about what will add joy to your family, community and life experience of the festive season, and make those things your priority. For example, a family Christmas tree and baking day is a super important tradition for us, so we have declined an invitation to a marginal event to make sure we can still have our family time in this way.Kathy
Similarly, events that are meaningful to and involve the whole family (such as the school Christmas concert and Carols by Candlelight) are always going to be a higher priority for us than things that only connect one of us.Kathy
I plan clothes at least 2 days in advance. We had 4 parties over the weekend, so the day before I sat with my 51/2 yr old and together choose the outfits and shoes that she would wear. I find this saves the last minute "I'm not wearing that" arguments!Al
Sometimes I get overwhelmed and freeze, making great efforts not to feel this. But when it seems there are just too many things to do, I ask myself "where is the greatest need?" With a bit of calmness there is usually one thing that is most urgent, so I do that and then move to the next. We mums will never get EVERYTHING done and really, lots of things don't matter.Seana


I limit the time I spend on the computer to avoid being sidetracked.Al
One tiip - .don't go near social media!!!! In fact a completely computer free week frees up a lot of time! Now that my children are older and yet I am still home parenting chronic illness I have to consciously stay away from the computer as itÕs just so nice to catch up on the world and what everyone else is doing! And my friendÕs blogs!!! Speaking of whichÉback to a much needed vacuum and tidy up before a lunch date! And yes the computer is great in so many ways but I'm sure you all know what I mean!Annie
I agree with Annie, this time of year is one to cut down on the screentime- for parents, my kids can have more!Seana
My tip when things are busy is about keeping my blog running. When I know a busy patch is coming up, I will try to write a couple of extra posts to have in the queue. I will also SCHEDULE all my posts for the next couple of weeks so they pop up on the blog automatically without me having to think about them. Also, I try to post twice a week, but if things are REALLY busy, I'll just post once in a busy week, then get back to normal the week after. Everyone else is so busy too, I'm sure they don't have time to notice I've posted one less time in a week (and it gives them extra time to keep up with my posts too) and then it's one less job to do for that week.Kim


Don't be hurling yourself into DIY crafting projects unless you have the time and resources. If home made was your wish for this year but it's not going to happen, surrender, outsource to the trim department and make it a goal for next year.Katie
Also - if you work and have any control over your workload Ð this isn't the month for huge new projects!Kathy
Leave home/hobby projects till a quieter time - those spring cleaning jobs can wait.Alicia


Stick to recipes that you are confident with and good at. Now is not the time to be experimenting especially if you've been assigned a dish for a pot luck and people are counting on you being able to feed the hoards.Katie
it's OK to have take away! Like you, we eat well the majority of the time so the odd takeaway won't hurt the kids or our budget.Al
Where appropriate, lunches are packed days in advance. eg fried rice in container, fruit cut up (those that won't go brown!) etc. I don't make sandwiches in advance!Al
Simplify everything, as others have said, basic meals you know work well or can have the quantities doubled. Alicia
I also order my groceries online and we visit our lovely butcher, fruit shop who know our names and will even deliver for us if I am really short of time.Alicia


Ask your children what they want to do and join in. Sitting playing in the sandpit or a card game etc with my older children gives me time to connect with them and makes me focus on them, even if my mind wants to race off to all the other stuff! I find it can be really relaxing hanging out at home with the kids, often they are not that keen to be out and about all the time.Alicia


Say no to social invitations when you need or want to. It can be SO busy with just about every group that you belong to hosting a Christmas shin-dig and tempting to participate in them all, but it's hard going on the energy levels, time commitments and budget. Not to mention how OVER it kids can get with ensuing tantrums and meltdowns.Katie
Limit commitments, spend more time at home, instead of catching up with everyone prior to Xmas, have a catch up in the New Year.Alicia
Also, I do try not to over commit - my family hate being dragged from event to event, the kids get seriously over stressed. So I try to keep it a bit slower. Mind you, probably easier in a way as we only have friends here no family. Harder that too!Seana

So how are you coping so far with festive season?