Christmas Presents For Kids

This post is part of my 10 week Christmas Preparation Plan for 2012.

More Christmas present ideas in this post, this time aimed at the kids. You can find my Christmas present ideas for adults post here.

Discovery Trunk

Christmas Presents For Kids  - Discovery Trunk
Discovery Trunk* is a very new online business. Bron the founder, has a child that attends kinder with my youngest. I love the idea of the Discovery Trunk – they are themed-based boxes filled with engaging, hands-on activities for children to create and discover.

The Discovery Trunks are designed for 1-2 children, which means there are plenty of materials for one child and there is also plenty of scope for the more simple projects to most of accommodate two children. If however you have a larger family like me, you can supersize the trunk. Probably the only time I will supersize anything for the kids!

Age: Recommended from 3 – 7 years, however my daughter who is 8 adored the Discovery Trunk (we had the colour trunk). She is very creative and loved the themed materials. First off she made some of the things from the booklet, like the flowers, but after that she experiment with creating shades of colour and making her own style of stained glass window.
Price: $29.95 + postage.
More information: Discovery Trunk website and Discovery Trunk Facebook page.

Secret Girls Business by Maggie Hamilton

Christmas Presents For Kids  - Secret Girls Business
Don’t you love it when the kids love something just as much as you do. Secret Girls Business by Maggie Hamilton* is a fantastic book and one that will remain on my frequent buy list for girls over the next couple of years.

Maggie Hamilton says she wrote this book because:

Life’s pretty complex for teen girls right now. While they’ve more choices, they’re way more anxious about their looks, possessions, and bodies. This generation of girls also has less confidence and creativity, few friendships across the generations and life experiences. Most of their spare time is spent on packaged entertainment or shopping. And their pre-occupation with celebrities means often they know little about their own story. We need to encourage girls in fun ways that give them a new sense of what they’re capable of.

My daughter while on the younger end of the target audience says this is her favourite book. The appeal I think is in the eclectic nature of what each page brings. It goes from discussing accepting and feeling great about your body, to an indie DIY craft, to how to stretch tight shoes!

The book is beautifully put together and it has such a great message for young girls, that would be hard to find in the magazine racks.

Age: 10+
Price: $19.99
More information: Can be purchased online at Penguin and you can find out more about the author at her website

Minotaurus from LEGO® Games

Christmas Presents For Kids - LEGO
My kids love LEGO and we frequently buy it for other kids as presents. LEGO have a range of games as well now, which is a nice way to mix up still buying LEGO, but something that has a different purpose than only building.

The Minotaurus LEGO game* was a hit in our house with both the 6 and 11 year olds. They worked together co-operativley to set up the board and then enjoyed playing against each other for some time.

You can play up to 4 players and the games tend to go for around half an hour. This isn’t just a game of luck. Rolling the dice does play a part, but you have to think about your moves and use some strategy to try and block your opponents.
Age: 7+
Price: Currently $28.84 online at Big W.
More information: LEGO website or LEGO facebook page.

Smiggle Music Speaker Case

Christmas Presents For Kids  -  Smiggle iPod case
When the Smiggle Music Speaker Case* arrived at our house there was hot competition to see who was going to have it! Such a great little gift for early teenagers. It means they can safely take their iPod/smartphone outside and play music so others can hear it. It requires 3 AAA batteries which you will need to buy to go with the case.
Age: various
Price: $24.95
More information: Smiggle website and Smiggle facebook page.

Tic Tac Toe

Christmas presents for kids - Tic tac toeLovely friends bought our fourth son a wooden Tic Tac Toe set a couple of years ago and it was a much loved gift. The game is still played regularly and I love that it came in a box, so it could be packed away neatly.

The Tic Tac Toe in the photo above is different to the one we received, but would be perfect for kids from 5 up. This one is contained in a sheesham wood box and as well as noughts and crosses pieces, the box also contains solitaire.

Age: 5+ (due to the small pieces, which would still require supervision in some children.)
Price: $22.95 plus postage
More information: Oxfam Shop

Self Covered Button Hair Ties Kit

DIY button hair tie kit
We love making button hair ties. They are easy and fun to make – something the kids can do for themselves. You can buy all the pieces separately or you can purchase a Button DIY Beginner Kit which contains:

  • 10 x 12mm button covers and metal shank backs
  • 10 fabric swatches
  • assembly tool
  • fabric template
  • full instructions

Age: 7+
Price: starting from $20 plus postage
More information: Jackobindi website and Jackobindi facebook page. (Please note that Jackobindi noted on their facebook page that they will be closing on Wednesday 5th December 5pm and will not re-open until Thursday January 17th.)

Educational Placemats

educational placemats
I met Yvonne, the founder of Educational Placemats at a market last weekend. I thought the placemats looked great and would be great conversation startes for the kids. There are currently 10 designs to choose from suiting a range of ages and interests.

Age: 2 – 11 years
Price: $9.95 each plus postage
More information:Educational Placemats

Experience presents

As my kids get older, I have found that they really do need less stuff! For teenagers experience based gifts can work really well. in particular to sporting events like:

Age: while kids of all ages would love these experiences, if you are looking to buy only a twin pass or double voucher, you will need to make sure the child is old enough to attend by themselves.
Price: Various

How is your Christmas shopping going? What are your fave presents for kids at the moment?

*Planning With Kids were sent these products for editorial consideration in line with the blog’s disclosure policy.