Christmas Tags – Cheats Way To Make Your Own!

This post is part of my 10 week Christmas Preparation Plan for 2012.

I like making my own Christmas tags but it can be a little time consuming. This year I have cheated a little making my own, to keep the time and dollar investment down to a minimum. They still look cute and most importantly they fit in with my theme for Christmas 2012!

This week I have been getting Christmas tags, cards and wrapping paper ready.

How to make your own simple Christmas Tags

Christmas Tags DSC06909
To make these Christmas tags you will need:

  • tags – I purchased these from Officeworks
  • seals – I purchased mine online some months ago from Inky Co.
  • twine – I also purchased this from Inky Co.

Christmas Tags DSC06913
Simply place a sticker on each tag, I played around with placement and decided I like them being right aligned. Thread through your twine. Note which side you thread them through so you can have a consistent look across the tags and you are done!

Christmas Tags DSC06918

I also made a smaller batch of plain small tags, as for some gifts I have, the other tags will just be too big.

Christmas Tags DSC06923

Create a Christmas card box

Christmas Tags DSC06898
Thanks to the amazing design features of Kate from Picklebums I have a gorgeous batch of family Christmas cards making their way to me in the mail! Each year when the cards arrive I get together a box with all the required items for writing Christmas cards. Having everything in the one spot means that I can write one or two as I get a spare minute and make my way through the list quicker.

Create a Christmas wrapping box

Christmas Tags DSC06938
I also put together a wrapping box with the paper, ribbon, tags, sticky tape, pens etc so wrapping can also be done easily in batches.

Have you made a start on your Christmas cards?