Organisation Round Up – Drawers, Technology, Remotes, Kids + More!

Below is a collection of posts all focused on tips and ideas to help you get organised. The first few are actually by me, which I have written for Village Voices, then there is a collection of some of my favourite posts I have read recently on organisation.

How to get the kids organised … with jobs!

We have a philosophy in our house that everyone lives in the house, so everyone needs to work at keeping it tidy and clean. The kids don’t necessarily love their jobs, but they do them (most of the time!). Here are some practical steps you can take to assist kids in carrying out their allocated jobs:

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Top 4 apps to help you stay organised

I am quite fond of apps and have downloaded many free and paid apps over the last few years. Some of which I use once and never returned to, mainly because they seem to over complicate what are basically pretty simple processes or tasks.

I do however have some that I use on a regular basis, which have become part of the way I organise myself and the family. Today I will share four free apps that I think are super.

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How to organise your remote controls

Organising the remote controls in our house has been an evolution. Changing as the age of the kids change and as I continue my journey to keep the clutter in the house to a minimum. I share what we have tried in the past and what we are trying now.

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How to organise family meals

Having an organised approach to the family’s evening meals is one of my sanity savers. It does require a little planning, but menu planning makes meal time less stressful and actually a time of the day that I can enjoy with our kids. And if you work it well you can involve the whole family in the planning process, so it isn’t only you who has to think about what’s for dinner!

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How to sort out your kitchen drawers

It is amazing how easily you can collect stuff. Stuff you pick up on your way around the house, that you haven’t had time to put away or it doesn’t really have a home, so you pop it into a drawer to remove it from sight. Most homes have a drawer like this, generally the “third drawer down”, whose only purpose is to hold this type of paraphernalia.

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How to make a DIY charging station

Check out how Kootoyoo makes a fab charging station from these simple items.

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How to organise measuring cups and spoons

I love this set up inside a kitchen cupboard organising the measuring cups and spoons. The conversion chart idea is a super one (wish it was in metric!).

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Laundry room organization

Rachel shows you just how she put together this nifty set up to organise her laundry.

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Linen closet organisation

Love simple ideas like this!

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Making things happen

This post is more about organising yourself – organising yourself, so you achieve your goals. In the post Bernadette shares an inspiring trailer for a movie about Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash and his philosophy that you get to choose what you bring to life. It goes for under 3 minutes as is really worth a watch.

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Officeworks 30 day organisation challenge

The Kidspot Village Voices are sharing some great advice on their 30 Day Organisational Challenge. If you have tips or tricks or a photo of something you have organised recently, head here to share it and you could win 1 of 5 $1,000 Officeworks shopping sprees.

What have you been organising lately?