Christmas Present Ideas

Christmas Present Ideas 2012

Today’s post is part of my Christmas Planning series for 2012. You can read more post in the series here – Christmas 2012.

Earlier this year I wrote a post Christmas Gift Ideas For Under $30 and as I am starting to plan my present list for family and friends I have collated some more Christmas present ideas that I thought I would share!

Home Love by Megan Morton

A friend and I bought Home Love by Megan Morton along with another book, for a friend as a birthday present recently. Not only is it a beautiful book to look at, but it is a modern guide to home decorating:

Learn how to use colour, furniture, objects and the art of arrangement to realise a room’s aesthetic and functional potential; how to enjoy the room once the paint is dry; and how to do it all within your budget. Distilling timeless advice from designers, decorators, architects, retailers and stylists, Home Love will help you turn the frustrations of interior decorating into moments of creative triumph.

Price: Varies but you can buy it on Booktopia at the moment for $29.75.

More info: You can see more of Megan’s work and also her new book Things I Love on her website – Megan Morton.

The Footy Almanac 2012

The Footy Almanac for 2012 is not quite out yet, but it can’t be far away. The Footy Almanac is a game by game account of every AFL match of the season. In last year’s Almanac there were 170 individual contributors to the book. Each writer tells their story of their day at the footy. It is a great read for lovers of Aussie Rules.

Price: $35 including postage.

More info: The Footy Almanac. The website also has a blog component where you can register and submit your own footy story to be published (after approval).

Lip gloss

I bought a gift pack of Estee Lauder Lip Gloss duty free when I was in Malaysia late last year. They have been fab, lovely colours, nice sheen and a cute small size. I couldn’t find the exact ones online that I have, but these are quite similar and come in a gift pack.

Price: $49 plus postage.

More info: You can see more Estee Lauder Lip Gloss on the Estee Lauder Website.

Bike Tool

Cycling is sooooo popular, so if you have a cyclist in your life, they might like one of these Bike Mini Tools.

Price: $30.94 plus postage.

More info: There are a range of mini tools on the ProBikeKit website.

iPhone cover

A quirky and fun retro iPhone cover. This one is from Etsy here.

Price: $8.99 plus postage.

More info: If this iPhone cover didn’t grab you, you can check out 100s more of them on Etsy here.


Self promotion alert! The Planning With Kids Lunch Box Ideas Calendar would make a fabulous Christmas present.

Price: $26 plus postage.

More info: You can see more about the calendar here.

4myEarth Wraps

The 4myEarth sandwich wraps would make a great gift for those who take their lunch to work and want to limit their waste. 4myEarth has a new range of patters which are very cute!

Price: $13.95 for one or you can buy a value pack for $39.00 which includes 1 snack wrap, 1 sandwich wrap, 1 sandwich pocket and 1 snack pocket. Postage costs are extra.

More info: For other products that can help reduce the environmental impact, you can check out the 4myEarth website.

Foodie Pack

For father’s day this year, we put together a gourmet pack for Mr I’s dad. Jones the Grocer have an amazing cheese room, with a huge selection of artisan cheeses (I visited the Doncaster store, but there are others around Australia and the world). They also have a beautiful selection of high quality and beautifully presented groceries that you can bundle up together in a lovely box from the store.

Price: Various

More info: And if you wanted to spend a bit more on someone, you could book them into one of the master classes that Jones the Grocer holds across the year.

Tea for two

A very modern looking tea pot for two. Perfect for making up a brew of specialty tea using the infuser. It is from T2 and comes in a range of colours.

Price: $35

More info: You can check out the range of loose leaf tea from T2 here and more of their teapots here.

Dad’s a star book

The Dad’s a star book will make a very special Christmas present. I was the amazingly lucky recipient of the mum version of this product for Mother’s day this year. My 13 year old bought it for me and filled it in (briefly in some parts!) and it is truly one of my most favourite gifts ever. His responses to the prompts are often hilarious and it is a lovely documentation of our relationship at the time.

Price: $29.95 plus postage if you order online.

More info: You can se the mum version here.

What presents do you have on your list to buy?