Writing Down Your Week

This post is part of the “What Other Mums Do series” which lets us take a sneak peak into how other mums go about their daily family life.

I love blogging, love the sharing, the feedback, the chance to have my voice heard and it is now the platform for my small business. But something else I really love that it gives me, that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t blog, is a record of what my life is like across the years.

For example for the last three years I have written a post on just how I am generally feeling about that particular stage of family life – easier, harder, same but different! Other times I have shared my daily schedule and today I am going to extend a bit on that theme.

I don’t have an average day any more, as what I do varies across the week depending on where master 3 is.

The weekly schedule you see above {if you are reading via email click through here to see the table of my weekly schedule} is not how all my weeks look either. It is not set in stone, nor does each activity take exactly an hour. It doesn’t include everything, like for example how I will be going out to dinner tonight with girlfriends, nor the time that Mr I and myself eek out together across the week, but it is a pretty close representation of where I spend my time in general.

(I would also love to say that I finish work at 10pm every time, but that would just be fibbing!)

Writing Down Your Week

If you have never written down what your week looks like, I really encourage you to give it a go. You can use this template to create your own weekly time management plan for key tasks – Planning With Kids Weekly Schedule. It has a blank schedule outline and also includes my schedule as an example.

Writing down your weekly schedule does a couple of things:

  • It can highlight where you are spending your time and you can assess if it is really on the right activities.
  • You can work out where you “lose” time – it will highlight your distractions whether it be pinterest (me!), TV or facebook.

And at some point, you will most likely look back on it and not believe you managed to fit so much in! I am nearly two years out of the baby / breastfeeding stage and even though you think you won’t forget how much time you spend looking after the physical needs of little people, it does start to fade a little.

It is great to have these days documented, to help me have empathy for mums currently going through that stage and remember practical ways I can help.

So in general what does your week look like. Have you ever written it down?