Britax Encore 10

A Photo Shoot and A New Park

During the first week of the school holidays three of the kids had their first photo shoot. The photo shoot was for a new car seat for Britax . The car seat is very cool, but I can’t say much more than that now as it won’t be on the market for a little while yet!

I had no idea how the kids would go with having their photos taken in a shoot like this, but Tehani and the team at Britax were fab with the kids. The session was quite quick and the kids had fun.

The Birdcage_4
All five kids and myself made our way to their studio on site in Sunshine. Being the planner that I am, I made the most of having all the kids in the one spot, neat and tidy with a good photographer and asked if they could take a couple of quick family snaps for me, which they kindly did. I can now tick off my list of things to “photos for Christmas Card 2012” – yay!!!

The Birdcage_6

While we over in Melbourne’s west, I took the opportunity to take the kids to a new park for a picnic lunch. A quick internet search the day before and we found Buckingham Reserve only a few minutes away from Britax. It is a fabulous park for kids. Plenty of open spaces and equipment to get the kids active.

Buckingham Reserve Sunshine
The kids were straight away drawn to the rocket tower.

Buckingham Reserve Sunshine
Then lots of running up, down and around.

And then we spent the rest of our time on the fab double flying fox:

Buckingham Reserve Sunshine

Buckingham Reserve Sunshine

Buckingham Reserve Sunshine

Buckingham Reserve would be a great place for a larger gathering as well, as it has shelter and toilets.

Have you found a great new park recently? If so I would love it if you shared below!