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Lunch Box Ideas October

Thankfully we are on school holidays and I don’t actually have to think about lunch boxes, but when the kids go back to school it wil be October and here are some lunch box ideas for the month of October.

{Please note, I am not a nutritionist/dietitian. These lunch box ideas are what I actually feed our kids and taken into account with the rest of their diet and their level of physical activity, I am pretty happy with the balance they have. But like most things with parenting, there is always room for improvement so what I feed the kids for lunch is a work in progress.}

Lunch Box Ideas – Ocotber Set 1

Lunch Box Ideas 1 Oct
Pasta Salad – pasta, cucumber, red capsicum and a small amount of balsamic vinegar dressing.

Lunch Box Ideas 1 Oct
Chocolate and Zucchini Cake

Lunch Box Ideas 1 Oct
Lunch Box Ideas 1 Oct
Lunch Box Ideas 1 Oct
Cruskits and cheese

Together lunch box set 1 looks like:

Lunch Box Ideas 1 Oct

Lunch Box Ideas – October Set 2

Lunch Box Ideas 2 Oct
Egg and lettuce sandwich
Lunch Box Ideas 2 Oct
Vanilla Yogurt Pancakes
Lunch Box Ideas 2 Oct
Lunch Box Ideas 2 Oct
Green beans
Lunch Box Ideas 2 Oct
Mini Weats

Together lunch box set 2 looks like:
Lunch Box Ideas 2 Oct

For more inspiration, the table below list some fruit and veg which are in season for October. This isn’t a complete list, but just a selection of items that you might like to try including in the kids lunch boxes, either raw or baked into a snack / meal (more comprehensive lists can be found here Seasonal Fruit And Vegetables In Australia):

Seasonal Fruit and Veg in October
bok choypapaya
broad beanspawpaw
choy sumpink grapefruit
gai laanspring onions
loquatwonga bok
mangoyellow grapefruit

You can see more lunch box ideas here and read more about my school lunch box process here.

You can also check out my lunch box ideas board on Pinterest. I have recently re-organised my boards to ensure they are better categorised, so you might like to check out the rest of the boards too!

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Lots of nice fruit and veg coming into season at the moment – what are you cooking with?