Achieving Your Goals

Achieving Your Goals – Group Support

This month and for the rest of the year I am trying something different for my monthly goals review.  In the last PWK Newsletter I asked readers if anyone wanted to join in my monthly reviews.  I had a few lovely people say yes am going to include their progress too!

For the readers it is a way to help keep them accountable and I think it will also provide inspiration and encouragement to others who are trying to reach some specific goals by the end of the year.  So a very big thank you to those readers who have shared their progress.

And its not too late to join in!  You can always leave a comment and join the discussion.   Or if you are a blogger and have posted about your progress, you can email me and I will add a link into this post.

Sheree’s Progress

Operation – Say NO to Pies: – 4 WEEKS into it! Things have been progressing well. Weight loss to date 5.1 kgs! I had set a realistic weight loss of 10 kgs, I was scared to say I wanted to lose more than 10 kgs in fear of failing. Now that I realise I am on the way to achieving my weightloss goal sooner, I have changed my goal weight again. My start weight was 88 kgs, goal weight NOW 75 kgs. I would love to have the body and health I had prior to having children, but I know this is not realistic (well not right now, given my youngest is only 8 months old), but it’s all work in progress.

Key Challenges: I have to admit I struggled a little over the past few weeks. My children became unwell (and then hubby and I caught their bugs too), with my energy levels being so low (and sleep deprivation hard), I wanted to revert back to my old habits, sweets, fatty and salty foods in the evenings —–  but I didnt —- I kept reminding myself why I was trying to lose the weight, my health, my 10 year wedding anniversary, summer fun, but mainly my health and to to have the energy to play with my children — This helps keep me motivated and focused.

For September: I am back to the physiotherapist next week, I am hoping she will give me approval to start exercising again. I am proud to know there is 5 kgs less of me walking on earth — I jokingly told my friends (who know I am trying to make myself healthier), I am going to celebrate my achievement this weekend with another bowl of lettuce.

Kathy’s Progress

1.       Have written a third book in my children’s detective series 
Still not started; no progress. I have been preoccupied with work and family commitments this month.

Intentions for September: None. This goal is on hold while I am working so intensely.

2.       Have edited /revised the first two (Started)

No progress. I have been preoccupied with work and family commitments this month.

Intentions for September: None. This goal is on hold while I am working so intensely.

3.       Submitted queries or manuscripts to at least one publisher / agent (Not started)

Still not started; no progress. I have been preoccupied with work and family commitments this month.

Intentions for September: None. This goal is on hold while I am working so intensely.

4.       Have earned $15,000 for the family kitty

Massively overachieving on this one! Based on booked work for next few months, I will have earned almost double this amount by Christmas.

Intentions for September: Continue to fulfil work commitments (and issue invoices!)

 5.       Have booked and paid for our family holiday in 2013

Done! I have booked a week away for February and have paid the accommodation in full.


6.       Have read all 12 novels nominated for the Booker Prize this year

Well in hand. I am just about to finish the ninth! I have also been reviewing each title on the blog as I go, which is keeping me on track.

Intentions for September: Finish and review the remaining books before 11 Sept (which is the announcement of the shortlist) and make my own predictions!

7.       Have had one “big outing” with my husband and each of my daughters individually

None have happened yet, but I am booked to go to the ballet (Swan Lake) with 9yo in September, and to Mumford & Sons concert with my husband in October. Still looking for opportunities to go out with 7yo and 3yo.

Intentions for September: Go to the ballet with 9yo, and continue to look for opportunities to book things for the younger two kids.

Theresa’s Progress

 1 – Set 2 months ago – run 5km every Saturday

Progress: Achieved!

How: Firstly having been challenged to consider running 5km,  I built up running from 2 to 4km at my gym on treadmill. Then I connected with ParkRun an international network of free weekly timed 5km runs-discovering this event at 7am Saturdays means I can complete my goal while working in with husband’s fitness & kids sport. The nature of the funrun has motivated me immensely.

2. – Set 2 months ago- spend 1 hour a week completing family scrapbooks so reducing the piles of memorabilia & craft I have accumulated over a year! 

Progress – Failed!

Key Challenges – I set this goal 2 months ago. I have had 7 family visitors to stay in 2 months. Scrapbooking and decluttering projects get sidetracked.

Plan for September -Wait for quieter Term 4 after school holidays & prioritie 30 mins a day on my 2 child free days a week! Use end of year as motivator! (no visitors scheduled).

My Progress Report

1. – Blog
Find someone to fix menu planner issue.
Update menu planner recipes.

Progress – Menu planner is fixed but still very much in need of an update.

Key challenge – Time! I am going to outsource the update process as this will be a more economical use of my time.

Goal for Sept – To have engaged someone to take on this and some other admin tasks freeing up time to work on my projects.

2. – Family
We haven’t been out to dinner for a while so would like to achieve that this month.

Progress – Didn’t happen.

Key challenge – the month goes before I realise it!  I need to schedule these in and be more proactive about making it happen.  Need to set a date – have just chosen Sat 15th Sept!

Goal for Sept – Dinner!

3. – Partner
Go out to dinner on our own.

Progress – Didn’t happen.

Key challenge – As above.  I need to plan it weeks in advance and block out the time, then keeping to it even if other things come up.  Need to set a date – either Sat 8th or 22nd Sept (need to be flexible around football finals!).

Goal for Sept – Dinner!

4. – Me
I want to come up with some more creative snacks for me this month.

Progress – Have made great progress with this goal recently as you can see with all the new recipes in this post.

Goal for Sept – get more creative with veggies.  At least one new vegetarian recipe posted on the blog that the whole family love.

Common Challenges

A common theme amongst the progress reports is the need for flexibility and changing / revising  goals as required.  There is nothing more disheartening than working towards a goal that you cannot achieve in the time frame you have set.

There are options you can take though:

  • You can break the goal down into sub goals.  Change the target for the end of the year to something that is attainable and then aim to go further when you set your goals for 2013.
  • You can choose to put a goal on hold.  Life doesn’t always go to plan and there are times when you need to prioritise and work out which of your goals are most important to you right now.  Aiming for too much can be a stressful exercise.
  • Look for additional support / short cuts to help you achieve your goals.  As many of our goals are personal we often feel we have to do it all alone.  There are ways others can help, whether it be to give you some time to yourself to work on your goals, or if it is your birthday coming up, their presents could be targeted to provide you assistance in helping you achieve your goals.

And then most importantly we can learn from the experience and take the lessons with us into our goal setting for 2013.  Many years I have simply had to many goals I wanted to achieve.  Combined with new opportunities that seem to arise each year, I ended up feeling like I failed, when in reality I achieved quite a lot. This is the first year I have set only 4 goals and whilst it is not perfect it is working really well for me, enabling me to focus in on a few key areas of importance.

Into the last third of the year, have you found you have needed to reassess your goals for 2012?