11 New Australian Blogs

Blogging in Australia is growing at an amazing rate. Every day so many more people start their own blogs, create their own space online where they can share their story and knowledge.

I wouldn’t even know a quarter of the Aussie Blogs that are out there! But I do try to visit as many new blogs as I can. I love reading the different stories and seeing how others are using the blogging medium.

This list is a selection of blogs I have read over the last six months which are Australian Blogs that are less than a year or so old. It is by no means a definitive list and I would love your help to add to it as well. I have added a link up at the end of this post.

If you have a blog under a year old, feel free to link up – just make sure it goes to one post on your blog not the home page. Link to a post that you think will give new readers the best taste of what your blog is about.

Or if you are an avid reader of blogs and have a favourite post from a new blogger, please share. The link up will be open for the next week and I look forward to visiting more great new Australian Blogs!

1. The Misadventurous Maker

Amy cooks the most amazing food! You might remember Amy was so very kind enough to bring me some of her delicious Salted Dulce De Leche Ice Cream!. But her recipes are not all super fancy. Her post on Pre School/Kinder Lunches has some excellent recipe for the kids.

2. Slow Your Home

In this post Simple Living. It’s Ridiculously Complex. Brooke defines what simple living means to her and offers some practical tips on how you can approach simple living. And I love her concluding thoughts on how she approaches it:

Once I realised that there was no finish line, no perfect life of simplicity waiting for me around the corner, I relaxed into it.

3. The Kids Are All Right — Parenting teenagers in Australia

As you can see by its name, this blog is one of the few out there who focus on teenagers. The site has an active forum which is free to join as well.

Being in only my second year as a parent of a secondary school student, I could really relate to this post Starting high school is tough on parents too. Last year I very much felt like I was back on my parenting training wheels as I tried to navigate how much involvement I should have with my son’s school work. This post offers some great practical advice.

4. Working Mums Australia

Kirsten Andrews is the editor of Working Mums Australia, which as you can guess focuses on parenting from the view of mums who are working outside of the home. Kirsten shares stories from other working mums and is a great resource for keeping up to date on how new benefits / taxes etc impact your family.

A favourite post of mine is The daily commute. Is there such a thing as Mummy Road Rage?.

While I don’t have a regular daily commute, I do attend meetings, presentations etc outside of the home and generally when master three is at kinder, so have a set time I need to get back by. I am not sure why it is road works will appear out of nowhere when I pushed for time to get back to kinder!

5. Lump Sculpture

Lump Sculpture are a fab Melbourne business who have started blogging recently (disclosure I did work with them on this!). I love reading the posts from Timothea showing how their amazing sculptures are created.

You can see gorgeous photos of how they created their Leaf Skeleton Dome for their recent Westfield project.

6. Our Little Sins

Kate at Our Little Sins has a lovely 100 Pantone postcards project that she is working her way through. For the uninitiated (I was until this year!) Pantone is the world guru on colour, looking at colour trends and awarding colours of the year etc.

Kate bought 100 delightful Pantone postcards and aims to send all 100 postcards in the next 100 days. At the time of writing she had written 45 postcards, you can see her progress here.

7. A Fresh Legacy

Kyrstie’s blog not only shares great recipes but is also a great reference for anyone who is trying to grow more of their own food. Disclosure for this inclusion is that I have know Kyrstie since kindergarten!

For those of you with kids at kinder or kids with egg allergies in general you should check out her excellent post Egg Free – Recipe Inspiration & Resources.

8. Extra Organised

Kim’s blog is a great resource for those who are trying to declutter and sort all the stuff in their home. I love her approach to decluttering which she shares in The benchmark principle. It is a great way to create a guide for what you should keep or let go.

9. mumspeak

On her blog mumspeak Lou shares the general type of stuff mums speak about kids, hubbie, life, the usual! Lou reflects and shares on her experiences as a parent.

Those of you who have perfectionist tendencies will relate to this post Perfectionism and other human frailties where she shares the impact in had on her daughter and why it made her want to change.

10. Octavia and Vicky

When I first came across this blog, I assumed the blogger must have children named Octavia and Vicky, but that is not the case! The blog is in fact named after a story Kylie wrote when she was five years old, about a spider named Octavia and her young friend, Vicky.

Kylie writes about parenting, teaching, technology and food. In this post Art Sites for Kids Kylie shares great websites for kids four and under. It is a great collection of sites to bring out the creativity in the younger ones and also learn something about art.

11. The Mum’s Diet

This blog is written by author Seana Smith. Seana is a mum to four kids and shares her journey of trying to lose a few kilos while feeding her family healthy food.

In a recent post Reclaiming the word ‘diet’ Seana looks at the real meaning of the word diet and how that fits into her approach to healthy eating for life.


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