Sock Management and Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker Give Away

Thanks to all those who entered the give away. The winner of the give away was Jules:

“I’d label my husband’s tools “I belong in the garage, not on the kitchen bench”. Come to think about it, I’d probably label his clothes “when dirty, please put me in the laundry” and all the Tupperware “if you’ve used me to carry your lunch, please empty me of any rotting food and rinse me before putting me on the kitchen bench, next to the sink. Please don’t leave me in your van for another week. It makes me sad. And stinky”. As for the kids…Clothing! My 2 boys are 21 months apart but it looks like my eldest takes after my husband (he’s the tallest in his family at 173cm) and the youngest takes after me (I’m the shortest – by far – in my family at 172cm). They are currently sizes 3 and 4 (2 and 4 years old) and whilst 18 months off the eldest starting school I have a feeling the sock problem is looming in my future. OOOOHHH, I could label the (many, many, MANY) toy cars we have here. While the majority of toys are expected to be shared they have a few “special” cars that they can share or keep for themselves. I did really well for a while but now I can’t work out which car belongs to which child and which are the “sharing” cars (mostly hand-me-downs from dad). Although they do pretty well to share all the cars there are blow ups at times and my eldest is a bit of a hunter gatherer (especially the gatherer) and can end up with most of the cars in “his” box. The labels would be an easy and quick reference to separate the special cars when sharing is proving difficult.”


You may have noticed some of my lovely labels in my post about home office organisation. I was sent the new Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker to try out and I love it. Labelling actually becomes quite addictive!

Home Office Organisation
After my home office, I made my way around other areas of the house.

sock labels
However I am exceptionally happy with this piece of labelling work. The Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker allows you to print labels which you can iron on as well as traditional stick on labels.

sock labels
When the Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker arrived I had just purchased a whole bunch of socks. 30 pairs of white sport socks to be precise. To make pairing them up easier, I bought the socks in all the same style and colour. With three different sizes though, I still have the problem of measuring them up to make sure the right size socks are paired together.

sock labels
And this is where I used the Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker fabric labels for the first time. It is easy to simply switch over the label cartridge.

sock labels
I printed out the initials of each child and cut them up to small sizes.

sock labels
Ironed the socks flat in groups.

sock labels
Placed the labels on the bottom of the socks.

sock labels
Used the iron again to with a cloth over the labels to adhere them to the socks.

sock labels
I now had lovely labeled socks!

sock labels
The kids were all keen to help with the labeling. The younger kids love button pushing etc and the Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker is very easy to use.

sock labels
Finding two socks to pair together was easy and there can be no more arguments about whose socks are whose!

sock labels
Nearly two weeks later, the labels are still on and still making it much easier to pair the socks. When I was taking this photo my daughter asked me why I was taking a photo of dirty socks. I explained that these were actually all just freshly laundered, but due the fact that kids run around outside with no shoes on but socks still on their feet, this is what they look like!

Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker Give Away

The Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker is valued at $59 and I have one to give away to readers of Planning With Kids. And if you like a chance to win things be sure to check out the Dymo Australia facebook page for weekly competitions where you can win a $2500 Westfield voucher!

You can see where you can buy the Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker here.

To enter to win the Dymo LetraTag Labelmaker Give Away all you need to do is leave a comment telling me what you would like to label. The following conditions apply to this give away:

  • The giveaway is open to Australian residents only.
  • You may only enter once.
  • Entries close at 5pm Fri 6th July and will be announced on the blog later that day.
  • Winners will be notified by email and if a response isn’t received within 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.
  • Good luck!