What if…..?

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I detest ‘What if?’ questions. They make my head hurt. I prefer to only have to worry about things if they are actually going to happen or are decisions I have to make!

My 13 year old on the other hand loves them and is always trying to ask me things like “What if you only had one day to live?” etc. My response is generally “I refuse to answer what if questions.”

So when he attempted to ask me a ‘What if’ question on Wednesday I said to him, the 21 Challenge Activity for the day could be that he could ask me a whole series of what if questions if he wanted.

He thought that was fantastic and set about writing a list of them, which I have copied below for your entertainment!

What I really loved about this activity was the thought he gave the questions. With a number of the questions he deliberately put two things together, knowing I would dislike both equally and hate having to make a choice!

I then asked him the same questions. I have put in brackets a PQ next to the answers I chose and 13 next to the ones my son chose.

  • Would you rather live in America or England (PQ) (13)?
  • Would you rather be a cat or a dog (PQ) (13)?
  • What if you could choose to be a famous blogger (PQ) or a professional runnerĀ (13)?
  • What if you could be a teacher (PQ) or a professor (13)?
  • Would you rather live under Feudalism (13) or Communism (PQ)?
  • What if you had to give up diet coke (PQ) (13) or running?
  • Would you rather be executed by lethal injection (PQ) or electric chair (13)?
  • What if you could be Batman (13) or Superman (PQ)?
  • Would you rather let me buy World of Warcraft or Call of Duty (PQ) (13)? (He is currently not allowed to buy either!)
  • If you could only have one would you keep your iPhone or your iMac (PQ) (13)?
  • Would you rather study History (PQ) (13) or Geography?
  • What if you had to eat either McDonalds (PQ) (13) or KFC?
  • What if you had to buy either Nike (PQ) (13) or Nestle?
  • Would you rather have someone sitting next to you who taps (PQ) or sniffs (13)? (He does both and it drives me crazy!)
  • Would you rather have someone sitting next to you who burps (13) or farts (PQ)? (This was the only question I clarified, and he confirmed that it was only the sound there would be no smell.)

Which of these questions would have been the hardest for you to answer?

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