Harry Potter Scene It

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We have had the Harry Potter Scene It game for quite a few years. Love or loathe Harry Potter, the basis of the game is quite sound. It is all about comprehension and understanding what they have read/seen.

I played this game with our 8 year old daughter. She has only seen the first two Harry Potter movies, but I have read the first four books to her and she has listened to these numerous times on audio book. Our version only goes that far, so we can play the game as equals. I think this game is a great example of how you can use multimedia to support text based learning.


Game is for age 8+.


Harry Potter Scene It
The kids love this game because you get to use the DVD player. It has a board game and you move around the board game and have different questions to answer in different formats.

Harry Potter Scene It
Even for the younger kids who haven’t seen the movies, they can still have a go at questions like this, which simply requires watching a movie excerpt and then answering a question.

Harry Potter Scene It
The kids love seeing the clips from the movie, but it does teach them to watch and observe and not to just passively view the clip.

We often play this game as teams, balancing out knowledge and age and have a great time doing so.

There are quite a few versions of the Scene It games, have you played them before?

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