Ninjago Colouring Pages

Ninjago Colouring Pages
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Ninjago Colouring Pages Printables

Master 6 has been wanting to make his own Ninjago book for a while. He is a big ninjago fan.  So this morning we searched the internet for Ninjago colouring pages and found these:


Age 5+

Materials needed:

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Pencils
  • Notebook or paper


The drive for writing this book came from master 6 himself. He wanted to write a story about ninjago which is currently his favourite type of LEGO. I wanted the focus to be on the writing, so wanted to make the illustrations the easy part for him to do.

Opportunities for learning:

As he is just learning to write, practicing writing is the best thing for him at this time. Writing about something he likes makes it a fun activity for him. As he decided what he wanted to write on each page, we talked about:

  • Where we should start writing on the page.
  • Leaving spaces between words so we can understand the writing.
  • What nouns needed capitals.
  • When we need to use a full stop.

The process:

Ninjago Colouring Pages
He chose printed out the pictures he wanted for his book and coloured them in.

Ninjago Colouring Pages
He cut them so they would fit in his newly acquired notebook.

Ninjago Colouring Pages
Pasted all the pictures in.

Ninjago Colouring Pages
Then it was time to start writing.

The book is a work in progress. Master 6 says he is going to fill all the pages, but so far we have these:

Ninjago Colouring Pages
Lord Garmadon is fighting Kai.

Ninjago Colouring Pages
Kai is the fire ninja.

Ninjago Colouring Pages
Sensei Wu is the ninja’s master.

Ninjago Colouring Pages
Cole is the earth ninja.

Is Ninjago popular in your house?

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