Rice Heat Pack

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I am not a sewer. I have a sewing machine and I use it a couple of times a year, but my daughter loves sewing. She actually loves creating in general – drawing, clay, construction, anything really. Teaching some one how to sew when you aren’t proficient is a little challenging, but today we gave it a good go. I helped my daughter to sew a Rice Heat Pack.

Full credit for the Rice Heat Pack idea goes to Abby at Things For Boys. You will see our step by step photos below, but head to Abby’s blog if you are after more detailed instructions!


My daughter is 8 and other than giving instructions and showing her how to use the machine safely, she pretty much made it all by herself. A fact she is immensely proud of. I think you could make it with younger kids, but being more hands on.

I have to say that all of her brothers are slightly envious that she has her own heat pack!

Materials needed:

  • Cotton fabric
  • Cotton
  • Sewing Machine
  • Rice
  • Aromatherapy Oil

Opportunities for learning:

Sewing provides many opportunities for learning. We needed to:

  • measure the fabric – measurement
  • read the tutorial – literacy
  • cutting – fine motor control
  • use the sewing machine – fine motor control
  • concentration – sewing in straight lines is never as easy as it seems and requires full concentration

How we made our rice heat pack:

Rice Heat Pack
She measured the fabric to the size she wanted her rice heat pack.

Rice Heat Pack
She folded over the fabric, so she had one less seam to sew!

Rice Heat Pack
She pinned the fabric together.

Rice Heat Pack
She cut the fabric to size.

Rice Heat Pack
She practiced straight line sewing, going different speeds with the foot pedal.

Rice Heat Pack
She then started sewing the rice heat pack!

Rice Heat Pack
She left an opening to fill the bag with rice.

Rice Heat Pack
Sewed a zig zig line on each edge.

Rice Heat Pack
Turned the bag inside out.

Rice Heat Pack
Half filled the bag with rice.

Rice Heat Pack
Added some aromatherapy oil to the rice.

Rice Heat Pack
Sewed up the opening.

Rice Heat Pack
Heated the rice pack in the microwave for 1.5 minutes and enjoyed the warmth!

Are you a sewer? Do you teach your kids to sew?

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