Proof Reading and Editing Checklist For Kids

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Proof Reading and Editing Checklist
Proofreading your own writing is fairly boring work. I have to admit to have been a bit sloppy with my own proofreading of late, a few typical errors creeping in to some blog posts (eg know/now there/their) as I have rushed the process, due to time pressures.

Thinking about this inspired me to work on proof reading and editing with my 11 year old. He likes to complete his tasks on time or earlier and he will sometimes rush them. Reading back over his homework after it has been corrected, he knows the mistakes and will be honest enough to admit he didn’t re-read it at all.

I think part of the problem for him is it seems so repetitive to reread what he has just written. To give it more definition and purpose, I created a checklist for him to use as a guide for proofreading and editing his work.


For 8 – 12 year olds.

Materials needed:

Editing and Proof Reading Checklist

Additional resources:

  • Primary Resources – has a full page of activities practicing correct use of punctuation. Some are online and others are printable.
  • BBC Bitesize – has a great section on spelling and grammar which can help reinforce the rules. Each section has notes for the child to read, a game to play and a quiz to take.

How do you encourage your kids to proof read their work?

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