Menu Planning – May/June Weekly Menu Plans

A new batch of weekly menu plans today. I am sharing four weeks worth of plans which I have created using the menu planner app. When I posted my last bulk menu plans, I had some questions on how closely do I stick to them, when I plan this far out.

Some months I vary more from them than others. The last plan wasn’t hitting the spot right with how it fitted in with my time commitments and the kid’s activities. So while I cooked about 95% of the meals on the plan, I did vary the order quite a bit. This is one of the things I like most about menu planning, in that it gives me options. I have all the ingredients for the meals, I can easily change the day I cook it to meet my needs.

I have changed the structure of the menu plans for the week this month, based on what was working for me in reality over the last couple of weeks. Changes include cooking a double batch meal on Mondays to cater for left overs. Many recipes used to easily give us left overs, but as the kids are growing up, there is less and less left over. So I need to start increasing the quantity of the ingredients, to factor in left overs. (For the menu plans in this post though, I only added one quantity of the meal.)

The Weekly Menu Plans


Meal Type


Self Serve




Morning Cook (for us double batch)


Left Overs


Slow Cooker


Meat and Veg


Fun Night

Week Starting:
19th May
Baking: Banana and Oat Muffins
Slow Cooker Roast LambFried RiceLeft
Slow Cooker SataySausages and Steamed VegetablesPikelets
Week Starting:
26th May
Marinated Chicken Sticks and Salad
Baking: Testing New Recipe
Slow Cooker Roast BeefBaked penne with baconLeft
Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle SoupMarinated Steak and Garlic MashNachos
Week Starting:
2nd June
Baking: Butter Cake
Easy Roast Chicken With StuffingPumpkin SoupLeft
Slow Cooker RisottoPan fried chicken and veg - new recipeHomemade Pizza
Week Starting:
9th June
Sweet Chilli Chicken Wraps

Baking: 100 biscuit recipe
Slow Cooker Roast LambFried RiceLeft
Slow Cooker SataySausages and Steamed VegetablesSushi - recipe to come next week.

When you create the menu plans in the app, a shopping list is then created. You can then either use the shopping list directly on your iPhone and check off the items you have, or you can email the list to yourself or someone else.

The app plans Monday to Sunday at the moment and I plan from Saturday to Friday, so Monday in this plan is really Saturday for us and so on.

I have pasted the contents of the shopping list emails into word docs, turned them into PDFs and zipped them together, so they can be easily downloaded. Or you can purchase the App from iTunes and make your own!

Planning With Kids Weekly MenuPlans – May/June

What changes have you made menu planning as your family has grown?