Decluttering Tips To Get You Back In Order

Back in February I published a number of posts on de-cluttering. Much of which was based on fabulous ideas from readers and today’s post on de-cluttering is also from a lovely reader and someone who I also know away from the internet.

Jodie brings a great perspective to this topic as her family set up is a bit different to most. Jodie is the gorgeous mum to James – 20, Bianca 17, Luke 2 and Noah 1. Thanks so much Jodie for taking the time out of your busy life to send in your tips and photos – they are fantastic!


It is amazing how clutter overwhelms you to the point of feeling dysfunctional!

After having 2 babies under 2, I was beginning to feel like my life was spiralling out of control. Completing the simplest tasks such as preparing dinner, vacuuming, keeping up with the washing so that the children and hubby had clothes in the drawers for the next day, getting to the post office or even to the supermarket to get the essentials seemed impossible.

As I looked around the home I felt out of control and depressed. Of course, nothing was more important than meeting the immediate needs of Luke and Noah which I always happily managed. Frustration soon grew as there wasn’t any time to exercise let alone sit back with a coffee & admire the orderliness of the house you have just cleaned.

Anyway, after a Christmas holiday to Qld, where a mother could relax, clear the mind and enjoy family time, I felt like I was able to focus a little better and begin re-organising home for 2012. De-cluttering was the first step towards sanity and taking charge of my life!

[Nicole’s] tip to begin with one task a day/week is spot on. This has been my adventures de-clutteriong:

Baby Clothes

decluttering tips - re-cycling baby clothes
I began by sorting through the boys wardrobes- handing down all of Luke’s outgrown sizes to Noah, followed by sorting all of Noah’s baby clothes into nappy boxes, labelled according to sizes & season. They are currently all stored in the garage (until one of my 2 girlfriends confirms a pregnancy and the sex.)

decluttering tips - E-bay folder
The next thing I did was to take photos of all the redundant baby stuff and filed them under ”E-bay Items” so that I can sell them. Currently these items are now stored in the garage.

Empty Room

decluttering tips
The next room I tackled was my 17 year old daughter’s bedroom. This was difficult and the one job I had been procrastinating about for at least 12 months. I purchased some plastic storage boxes on sale at Target for $6.00 each. I sorted through all her stuff (girls are such hoarders and sentimentalists), placing into either the rubbish bin, salvo’s, a bag of hand-me-downs for my niece, a suitcase for her clothes she still wears or the storage boxes. I labelled all the storage boxes so that they are easy to locate when she needs them.

decluttering tips - Cheap storage boxes
Again, I took photos of furniture no longer needed; single bed, tall boy, old school desk and book shelf and then filed in the “E-bay” file. The rest is currently stored in the garage! The most satisfying thing about this room was that I could now focus on a DIY makeover guest room. That was fun, I never seemed to have trouble shopping for these new items and finally I was beginning to feel like I had some control back.

Home Office

At the moment the home office is a work in progress. I am thinking through an effective filing system, accessible budget/daily planner and simplifying the technology eg, invest in wireless accessories and minimise the clutter around power outlets etc.

My Wardrobe

The final task and probably most expensive: de-clutter my WIR. I’ll be donating any old corporate suits, bags and shoes to a charity called “Fitted For Work”, who assist underprivileged or reformed women in society to return to the workplace. I will also be referring to “” to re-invent my wardrobe so that I will never be late to any appointment or social outing as I will always have the right outfit to wear!


So a couple of months on since the first de-cluttering posts for the year, how are you going with the battle of clutter? I am doing okay but am just in the middle of working on my biggest clutter issue in the house, which is my home office and will share soon, what I have done here.