Lunch Box Ideas – May

Some more lunch box ideas for the kids school lunches, this time using seasonal fruit and veg for May.

I just want to note that I am not a nutritionist. I receive many comments and emails from readers on the lunch box ideas. Most are happy for the inspiration, but there have been a couple recently who have noted concerns about the food I have put together, for example about the sugar content of the home made treats or that I do let our kids eat a highly processed food like sliced ham.

These lunch box ideas are what I actually feed our kids and taken into account with the rest of their diet and their level of physical activity, I am pretty happy with the balance they have. But like most things with parenting, there is always room for improvement so what I feed the kids for lunch is a work in progress.

Thank you to everyone who provides feedback, the gathering of wisdom on the posts I know helps lots of readers of the blog. Take for example the post from the weekend on Pear Muffins. There have already been suggestions in the comments on how to tweak the recipe to suit the preferred nutritional emphasis of their families – thanks for sharing!

So with that said, here are some of my lunch box ideas for May…..

Lunch Box Ideas – May Set 1

Ham and Cheese Scrolls
Ham and Cheese Scrolls

Pear Muffins
Pear Muffins

Lunch Box Ideas May

Lunch Box Ideas May
Kiwi fruit – I just cut it in half and include a spoon so the kids can scoop out the flesh.

Lunch Box Ideas May
Multi grain crackers

Lunch Box Ideas May
Together lunch box set 1 looks like:

Lunch Box Ideas – May Set 2

Lunch Box Ideas May
Carrot and Beetroot Fritters

Lunch Box Ideas May
Lemon Slice

Lunch Box Ideas May

Lunch Box Ideas May

Lunch Box Ideas May
Rice Cakes

Lunch Box Ideas May
Together lunch box set 2 looks like:

For more inspiration, the table below list some fruit and veg which are in season for April. This isn’t a complete list, but just a selection of items that you might like to try including in the kids lunch boxes, either raw or baked into a snack / meal (more comprehensive lists can be found here Seasonal Fruit And Vegetables In Australia):

Seasonal Fruit for May:Seasonal Vegetable for May:Seasonal Vegetable for May:
apples: bonze braeburn cox’s
orange pippins fuji
gala golden delicious
granny smith jonagold
jonathan mutso pink lady
red delicious snow sundowner
asian greens: bok choy
choy sum gai laan
wonga bok
mushrooms: wild field
bananaavocados: fuerte sharwillolives
grapes: purple cornichon waltham
beetrootonions: brown spring
lemonsbrussels sproutpeas
mandarin imperialcarrotspumpkin
pears howell josephine packham red sensation williamscauliflowershallots
gingersweet potato

You can see more lunch box ideas here and read more about my school lunch box process here.

Have you road tested any new recipes for the kids’ lunch boxes?