Our Big Family Day Out

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang and Yoplait.

The PWK family was recently treated to a family fun day out thanks to Yoplait. I think I was just as excited as the kids planning what we would do for our day.

We talked in general about things we would like to do and came up with some criteria to help us decide:

  • it had to be fun
  • it had to something we hadn’t tried before
  • it had to be healthy
  • it had to be something everyone could do, even the youngest at 3

Well it did take a bit of research, but we found something perfect for our big family day out – Indoor Skiing!

A Healthy Shared Lunch To Start

Yoplait Family fun day lunch
The SkiCity website noted that the hour session we would be doing, with actual time on slopes being 30 minutes would equate to a very very long mountain session! So being fuelled up first would be necessary.

Rather than just have lunch like we usually would on the weekend, we made a healthy family feast and sat outside to kick start our day of fun. Changing things like the place where you eat, can be so exciting to the little ones.

Frozen Yogurt Recipe - ready to eat
And then a small nutritious sweet treat to finish off on – frozen yogurt drops, using the very delicious newly formulated Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt.

Indoor Skiing at SkiCity Melbourne

Indoor Skiing Melbourne
The only PWK family member who has skied before was Mr I and that was many, many years ago. SkiCity (Cheltenham) provides everything you need, so we just needed to turn up about 10 minutes before our allocated time, to get kitted up.

Indoor Skiing Melbourne
Complete with hair nets for the kids to wear underneath the helmets. Master 3 thought this was hilarious. We had to get a fairly big size hair net to be able to catch all his hair!

Indoor Skiing Melbourne
The staff were great at getting the kids organised. Just as well really as this skiing business was completely new to me and I was just trying to get my own boots and skis on.

Indoor Skiing Melbourne
The kids were on one slope and Mr I were on the one next to them. As you take turns being on the slopes, it was fun to watch (and photograph!) the kids learning to ski.

Indoor Skiing Melbourne
There were many laughs as we adjusted to the slopes.

Indoor Skiing Melbourne
I have to say that skiing did not come at all naturally to me! Our instructor Rob was so patient and tried lots of different ways to help me get some confidence and technique. And by the end I could do the snow plough – just.

And not before lots of laughs and lots times when Rob had to press the stop button to make the rolling slopes stop, so I wouldn’t crash into the sides or the back of the slope. Mr I found this incredibly amusing….

And here is a short one minute video from our fab time at SkiCity Melbourne. We all had such a good time. It was challenging and quite a work out (as the kids had helmets on they all had very sweaty heads at the end of it!), but we all want to go back again soon.

Refuel and Run ‘n’ Roll

Across the road from the indoor ski centre there was a big reserve. So we headed across for a bit of a snack to refuel and more fun.

Yoplait Family Fun Day
Yoplait describes the new formulation of their yogurt as “Lid Lickingly Good”, something that both the kids and I can attest to. The yogurt has real fruit pieces which gives great flavours (strawberry by far was my fave) and they have a nice thick consistency. The Yoplait range also has no artificial colours or flavours too.

Yoplait Family Fun Day
And the lids have these quirky little facts and sayings on them too, which the kids were fascinated by. Like:

  • Your tongue is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one end.
  • Your bones are like a bank account, you constantly deposit and withdraw calcium.
  • Lick it like it’s going out of fashion.

Yoplait Family Fun Day
Refuelled again, it was time to do some rolling! I remember as a kid loving to roll down hills, my kids love doing this.

Yoplait Family Fun Day
For master 3 though, his hair acts like velcro and he ends up with so much grass in his hair!

The older boys then decided for our last game, we should all play British Bulldog. Again brings back childhood memories – especially this game being regularly banned from school.

When we play together, we play that you can only target those older than you – otherwise the little ones never have a chance to make it to the end of the run.

Yoplait Family Fun Day
The older boys really just want to tackle their dad to the ground anyway.

Yoplait Family Fun Day
Then it was back in the car and heading home, where it was time to wash the grass out of certain young one’s hair.

Nuffnang Yoplait Blogger Family Day Out

Nuffnang and Yoplait invite bloggers and their families to join us at the Nuffnang Yoplait Family Day Out and share the Joie de vivre! (Joy of life) in Sydney on the 28th of April. It is planned for the day to be one of French fun, with lots of activities and family entertainment like:

  • a jumping castle
  • face painting
  • mobile farm
  • roving entertainers
  • carnival games

And no one will go hungry with healthy food options, some treats and lots of Yoplait yoghurt to enjoy like:

  • French style Yoplait lunch boxes
  • traditional French crepes
  • lots of Yoplait’s new delicious yoghurt

Bloggers will not leave empty handed either as they will receive a Yoplait picnic pack to take home with them.

The event is free, but is open to Nuffnang bloggers and their families only. You will need to RSVP and make sure you select a ticket for every member of your family attending.

Attendees will be sent a wristband to attend the event on the day. RSVP for the Nuffnang Yoplait Family Day Out here.