lululemon athletica Melbourne Warehouse Sale

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I had intended to attend the lululemon athletica Melbourne Warehouse Sale today (Friday), so when I was then invited to attend the VIP night last night, you could say I was just a little bit excited!

Since discovering the fabulousness of lululemon athletica last year, thanks to the lovely Cate, I have become a 100% convert. It is the only gym / running gear I wear and I love it! I also love the philosophy of lululemon athletica, part of which you can see in their manifesto in the photo above.

lululemon athletica Melbourne warehouse sale
Over the next three days the lululemon athletica Melbourne Warehouse will not only be having an amazing sale, but there will be performances, DJs, yoga and dancing – A YOGA REMIX.

lululemon athletica Melbourne warehouse sale
I did my first ever yoga class at the VIP night complete with beats from the DJ. While you won’t be able to actually do a class over the next three days, you will get to see some of the fab lululemon ambassadors and local instructors who will be demonstrating their yoga style – keeping you entertained while waiting in line to purchases your lovely gear. And here is just a sample of some of the stuff on sale:

lululemon athletica Melbourne warehouse sale

Tanks for running and yoga.

lululemon athletica Melbourne warehouse sale

Pants of all shapes and sizes.

lululemon athletica Melbourne warehouse sale


lululemon athletica Melbourne warehouse sale

Long sleeved tops for those of us who are up and running early in the mornings which have now turned pretty cool.

lululemon athletica Melbourne warehouse sale

And this is my haul from the sale!

If you are new to lululemon athletica, here is what I love about their gear:

  • Comfort – It is super comfortable and designed for your activity – in my case running.
  • Smell – I have a number of tanks, including one I bought last night that have silverescent®. This is what they so aptly call Anti-stink. You know how after lots of work outs, even after you have washed your gym gear is still stinks a bit? Well these tanks have a special Silver Fiber®, which inhibits bacteria growth and it really makes a huge difference to the way your gear smells.
  • Pockets – They have handy little pockets everywhere, where you can stash a key, cash or tissue if needed.
  • Durability – It washes really well. For a while I only had two sets of lululemon gear and was running 5 days a week, so lots of washing was involved. Both sets are still in great condition.
  • Style – It looks good! I endeavour to shower every morning after the gym and before the school run, but there are days where this just doesn’t happen. My running gear looks smart, so am fine wearing it to school drop off. There has been the odd hectic day when I have also been at school pick up wearing it too, as time for a shower has just not appeared!

The Details

Hours of operation:

  • Friday, April 20 10am – 7pm
  • Saturday, April 21 10am – 7pm
  • Sunday, April 22 10am – 4pm

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30 Rupert Street, Collingwood

I would recommend not trying to park in Rupert Street. Even on a non sale day, it can be tricky to get a park. Rupert Street is a narrow one way street, which you cannot enter from Victoria Parade. Parking in Victoria Parade might be a better option.

Other things to note:

  • All sales are final.
  • There are men’s and women’s change room.
  • There will be mandatory bag & coat check. No bags will be allowed into the sale.
  • They will accept cash, debit and credit (Visa and Mastercard only).
  • No gift cards will be accepted.
  • Last entrant will be admitted 30 minutes before close.

Throughout the sale members of the lululemon athletica will be tweeting and updating thier FB page. So you will be able to know real time what is happening and how long the queues may or may not be. You will find them at:

Have fun!