Finally The New Design!

Well it is up later than expected, but I am completely thrilled with the new design for Planning With Kids.

I have a number of people to thank for getting the new design up and running. Firstly to Phil and the kids who had to put up with some of my craziness when technology was not being my friend over the last few weeks – thanks so much for the patience and understanding.

Thanks to a friend Thomas, who put me in contact with the fab team at Chimera. John was fantastic at helping me draw out a longer term vision for Planning With Kids and what that meant for design.

Big thanks to my designer Caitlin, who was amazingly patient with my requests and really listened to what I was after.

Tour of the new design

There are still a few things that need to be finalised and I am working on them as you read this! The main ones being getting the headings to appear correctly, featured images, so all posts display a thumbnail image and using Google Search instead of the wordpress search.

The main changes from a reader stand point are:

  • Footer navigation – it is set up to archive new posts in their respective topics like Preschoolers, School Lunches, Menu planning etc. They are automatically updated as articles are posted on these topcis. I still have about 300 older posts to reclassify until this is 100% complete, which will happen over the next couple of weeks. However having completed over 700 posts, there are plenty of archived posts to trawl through in the mean time!
  • Recipe page – I have retagged 100s of recipe posts and set up the page using the tags so this page will always be up to date. The problem with my last recipes page was that it required manual updating and that just wan’t happening.
  • Menu planner – the menu planner is still looking a bit like its old self and is not updated yet. I will update the menu planner with the key recipes from the blog later this month and let you know when that has happened. There is a slight techno issue with the planner still at the moment, in that it isn’t showing the captcha for new subscribers to sign up. I am working on this and hope to have it fixed very soon.
  • Shop – a new page on the blog, which has all the products that I have for sale on the blog.
  • About page – thanks to the creative genius of Bek from Little Red Photography I have a new photo on my about page and also in the footer down below.

Thank you!

Thanks so much for reading Planning With Kids. I hope the new design makes it easier to do so now as well.

With so much info out there to read and so many sources on the web, the fact you take the time to read my blog, is truly appreciated.