Blogging Smarter – My Blog Boost E-book

My Blog Boost E-book has also been waiting in the shadows for the new design to up an running before I released it. Some new behind the scenes techno troubles, means the new design is still a few more days away. So the e-book is going to be launched today!


I love blogging, but like most bloggers a little while into my blogging journey, I began to feel overwhelmed with keeping it all going. Not dissimilar to how I found my rhythm as a mum by adding processes and routines to daily life, as I began to think more long term about my blogging, I began to find my rhythm too.

Over the last couple of years I have developed strategies and processes that have allowed me to:

  • Grow the blog – it now receives over 100,000 unique visitors a month.
  • Make a part time income from advertising and product sales.
  • Release the Planning With Kids book (Wright Books) in May 2011.
  • Release Menu Planner iPhone App in March 2012.

And I have done this as a part time blogger who has five gorgeous kids, someone who is an active member of my school and kinder communities, an every day gym goer and supporter to my husband’s endeavours, like he supports mine. The only way I managed to achieve this level of blogging success while still having a life, was to get smarter about the way I blogged!

What Is The E-book About?

I share in the e-book how I now blog smarter and maximise the time and impact of my blogging activities. The e-book covers four key elements to creating a solid blog foundation:

  • Blog Goals
  • Blog Strategy
  • Blog Structure
  • Blog Community

I have been blogging for four years now and over that time I have read, listened, experimented, banged my head onto my computer, made mistakes – all of which have helped me grow Planning with Kids.

I would do a number of things differently with PWK with the benefit of hindsight. The Blog Coaching Boost E-book is a way for me to share my hindsight, to help you grow your blog and make it the success you envision it to be.

You can see more about the e-book here. You can also read some snippets of feedback from attendees of my Blog Boost Workshop at the Digital Parents Conference last month.

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There are two versions of the Blog Boost E-book, one for Blogger and one for WordPress, they are the same price – $39.95 each. There are only a few pages difference between the e-books, where I use screen shots to show how you can implement strategies on your blog. With that exception, the content of the e-book can be applied what ever blogging platform you use.

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And if you buy the e-book and love it as much as I hope you do and would like to recommend it to others, you can sell it as an affiliate and earn 40% commission on every sale you make. For full details, head to the Blog Boost Affiliates page.

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