Lunch Box Ideas – February

Lots of readers noted in the survey last year, that they would like ideas for school lunches. Others asked to see what I put in my kids lunch boxes! So each month I will post examples of what the kids lunch boxes will look like for that month.

Lunch Box Ideas – February Set 1

In my early days as a school mum, I used to endeavour to make everyday’s lunchbox very different. Now not so. They will have the same treat for most of the week until it runs out and I have to bake another one. On alternate days I will change the type of crackers the kids have, mix up the main lunch item (sandwich etc) and alternate the fruits, but it is pretty much only a slight variation on these lunch box sets.

The first one looks something like this:
Lunch Box Ideas  - Sandwich

Basic sandwich.

Lunch Box Ideas  - Apple


Lunch Box Ideas  - Red Capsicum

Cut up red capsicum.

Lunch Box Ideas  - Vita Weat 9 grains crackers

Vita Weat 9 grains crackers.

Lunch Box Ideas  - Easy Chocolate Slice

Easy Chocolate Slice.

Lunch Box Ideas  - Set 1
And this is what it looks like altogether. Each child has five items and they are not necessarily exactly the same. For example the preppy doesn’t like eating capsicum, but loves cucumber so I will make sure he has that instead.

Lunch Box Ideas – February Set 2

Lunch Box Ideas - Rice Cakes
Rice cakes with butter and vegemite.

Lunch Box Ideas - Watermelon
Cut up watermelon.

Lunch Box Ideas - Carrot
Whole carrot.

Lunch Box Ideas - Cookie
Cookie (Cooke Cutter Recipe here.)

Lunch Box Ideas - Popcorn
Air popped pop corn.

Lunch Box Ideas - Popcorn maker
For those of you who have asked about it, this is the pop corn maker we have.

Lunch Box Ideas - February Set 2
The complete second lunch box set.

I do want to try and be a little more adventurous with the lunch boxes this year, so by posting them each month I hope it will keep me accountable.

For more inspiration the tables below list what fruit and veg are in season for February, that you might like to try in the lunchbox:

Seasonal Fruit for February:Seasonal Vegetable for February:
bananabeans - borlotti, butter, green, snake,
berries - blackberry, blueberry, boysenberry,
loganberry, raspberry, strawberry
grapes - cardinal, muscat, sultana,
waltham cross
peas - green, snow, sugar snap,
melons - honeydew, rockmelon, watermelon,zucchini
orange - valencia
pears - howell, red sensation, williams

I have written more on my lunch box process if you are after more tips. And you can see more lunch box ideas here.

Do you have a process for school lunch boxes?