The Perfect Clothes For Preschoolers

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Our littlest one is off to three year old preschool this year. Super exciting for him and me, but also a little sad for me too!

Receiving a $100 voucher from Big W to check out their ‘rough & tumble/every day wear’ range of clothing for 0-4 year olds, could not have come at a better time. When he heads off to preschool, I want him to look smartly dressed, but want him to be wearing clothes that he can play, explore and be creative in.

Big W Every Day Wear
To be honest, our little one would do all those things in anything he wore. I on the other hand would not be so happy to see paint go over expensive jeans, nor grass stains on delicate tops!

The every day wear range for preschoolers at Big W, gives you a broad selection of good looking clothes to choose from and at super prices. These are the perfect type of clothes for preschool/kinder.

Big W Every Day Wear
We picked up a couple of pairs of these very cute jeans for only $9. He is a light weight, so the elasticized waist in the jeans will be needed. Thankfully they are the type where the elastic is sewn into the jeans, so we can’t lose it in the waistline of the jeans, like we have done on so many other pairs.

Big W Every Day Wear
As the mornings are starting off cool here in Melbourne already, I wanted to get him a couple of long sleeve t-shrits, for the walks to school and preschool. I let him choose the designs he wanted. I knew very well he would choose the dinosaur one! They were only $4.48 so we picked up one with a dog on it too.

Big W Every Day Wear
I have always found Big W to have the best range of Bonds clothing. I have a soft spot for babies in Bonds stripes, so would head to Big W first off to purchase the Bonds suits I needed for our babes.

The Bonds range now extends up to size two for many items. Even though our littlest is three, the Bonds size 2 fits him perfectly, so we picked up this 3/4 sleeve ribbed t-shirt for him for only $13.92.

Big W Every Day Wear
We are currently still mastering one element of toilet training (it is driving me crazy!), so we picked up some more underwear as well. The underwear and sock sections for kids in large stores can often be quite a mess, making it hard to find the sizes you are after. Not the case when we visited our local Big W. It was neat, well organised and it was easy for the little one to choose his “Thomas jocks”.

Big W Every Day Wear
By the end we had purchased six tops, three pairs of jeans and new underwear, all for just under $100 – such amazing value. Being the youngest in a family of five and seeing all his siblings wear school uniforms, he is now referring these to as his kinder clothes.

These clothes will be his pseudo uniform for kinder. Clothes that look great, were value for money and will cope with the heavy duty action our three year old will give them at kinder this year.

Most of the clothes we purchased are featured in the current Big W catalogue (ends 15/2), which can be found online here.

Next week, I will be able to show you just how cute our littlest one looks in all his new preschool clothes (and of course I am not biased!). You will also be able to have the chance to win a $100 Big W voucher as well!

Do you have certain clothes for preschool for your kids?