Clothing Exchange

Clothing Exchange - Federation Square Melbourne
Like many, I would like to update my wardrobe more often than my budget would allow. I do check out op shops to help add some extra flair to the wardrobe, but more recently I have been enjoying attending the Clothing Exchange at Federation Square in Melbourne.

The Clothing Exchange was developed by Kate Pears for her Masters of Fashion (by thesis) in 2004 at RMIT University:

The Clothing Exchange is a professional swapping service that promotes the simple notion of swapping instead of shopping for a better wardrobe and better world. The Clothing Exchange mediates the exchange of clothing donated by patrons in the form of a clothes swapping event.

There are now Clothing Exchange events in:

How the Clothing Exchange Works

Clothing Exchange - The Rules
You take along garments that are in very good condition, but that you no longer want. I took 4 items along the last time I went.

There is always a chance that you won’t find as many items as you like. I only found 3 that I really liked, but I took one more garment that I sort of liked as well. I have now stored that item to take and swap at the next Clothing Exchange I attend.

Quality Control at the Clothing Exchange

Clothing Exchange - Quality Control
The team do carefully inspect all the clothes you take to swap. They pride themselves on keeping the quality of the items to exchange high.

Clothing Exchange - Button Currency
For every item that passes quality control you receive a button – they are the currency for the evening. To take an item of clothing home with you, you need to exchange it for a button. Buttons are only valid for the night of the exchange.

Then it is the fun part – trying on clothes and finding something you love to take home. My favourite swap from last time were a pair of Superfine Jeans. They are not what I would ordinarily have bought, but every time I wear them people ask me about them. It is nice to have a fun story behind how I own them!

Have you participated in a Clothing Exchange before?