Balloon Games

We have a few simple balloon games that the kids love to play. They are great games to have up your sleeve if the weather is not conducive to outside play.
Balloon Games -fly swat

Balloon Tennis

Balloon Games - tennis
We use the humble fly swat (you can buy them cheaply from $2 stores), balloon and string across the room to set up a game of balloon tennis.

Balloon Volleyball

Similar to Balloon Tennis, but without the fly swats and the net goes up higher. Balloon Volleyball works better if you have more than two kids who want to play.

Balloon Tap

Balloon Games - tapping
Our preschooler loves the challenge of using only the fly swat and tapping the balloon the entire way around the house. (You can do a circuit of the main rooms in our house).

Keep It Up

I think most kids play this game. You have to tap the balloon up in the air and it isn’t allowed to touch the ground.

I always have a couple of balloons stashed in my everyday bag. They come in handy if you are delayed somewhere with not much for the kids to do. Balloons are one of those toys that even older kids like to have a play with every now and again.

What other balloon games can you add?