iPad Apps For The School Holidays

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I have been lusting after an iPad for awhile now, so jumped at the chance when Vodafone asked if I would like to review one (I do have to give it back though!).

Vodafone now have plans where you pay nothing upfront and get to take home a very lovely and shiny iPad 2. This really would make a perfect family Christmas gift! You can see more info on the plans available here.

With the school holidays almost upon us, I thought I would test run a few apps that will help me keep the kids entertained, but not simply because they are playing games on the iPad!

photo of ipad apps school holidays

Vic Events iPad App

Throughout our school holidays when we are not going away, I aim for a mix of quiet days at home and days where we get out and about. The Vic Events App is a Victorian State Government initiative which provides a list of thousands of Victorian events.

You can search for events by name, date, location, category or have app randomly give you suggestions. I love a community based free event and this app makes it so easy to find one.

iPad Apps Vic Events (Free)
Simply choose “free events” from the category list.

iPad Apps Vic Events (Free)
Choose the date you want to do the activity.

iPad Apps Vic Events (Free)
Then read through the events available until you find one you like.

Cost: Free
iTunes: Vic Events App

Australia: Where to Go iPad App

However if you are not staying home for the holidays or if you are after info on where to go for a day trip, the Australia: Where to Go App is a great resource. This guide to Australia isn’t full of all the big, highly commercialised tourist destinations, but it gives you lots of info about many hidden gems around Australia.

AUSTRALIA: Where to Go iPhone App
It is like a boutique guide book, but with greater functionality to search by a whole range of options. The app did crash a couple of times when I was using it, but it is simple to use.

AUSTRALIA: Where to Go iPhone App
When you click on destinations you get a wealth of information, like things to do, festivals, where to eat and where to stay.

AUSTRALIA: Where to Go iPhone App
You can browse by map to choose a destination and this would be a great way to explore where you might like to go. Choose an area of Australia and then research what the attractions and accommodation, food etc are like before you commit to anything.

Cost: $4.99
iTunes: Australia: Where to Go App

DK Kids’ Crafts iPad App

I think I love this DK Kids’ Crafts iPad App just as much as my daughter! It is a beautiful app to look at. The navigation is simple, intuitive and it mixes craft in the real world with playing on the iPad.

Kids iPad Apps DK Kids Crafts
There is a step by step tutorial to show you how to make Pirate Pete, a simple bean bag toy.

Kids iPad Apps DK Kids Crafts
The Rainy Day Doodles element shows kids how they can create amazing doodles that will keep them entertained for quite some time!

Kids iPad Apps DK Kids Crafts
The cross stich element is played on the iPad, but I will share it because I really loved playing it too :).

Your child can choose a background (can be plain if they wish) like the heart, then they choose what type of stitch they will use an then the wool. They then tap the screen on each square they want to stitch, changing wool and the type of stich as they go along. Mistakes can be easily touched off by using the eraser stitch.

Kids iPad Apps DK Kids Crafts

Cost: $2.99
iTunes: DK Kids’ Crafts

Musical Seats iPad App

This is the most basic app of the bunch, but it is fun and it saves me having to press stop/start/stop/start and so on for games of musical chairs or musical statues.

Kids iPad Apps Musical Seats
You choose how many people are playing.

Kids iPad Apps Musical Seats
You choose the song you want to dance to.

Kids iPad Apps Musical Seats
The app does the rest. It stops at random intervals. You simply tap the screen again and it counts down the number of chairs and people left. Even though it says chairs, the kids used it to play musical statues, but just setting it to 20 players and kept going until there was a winner.

Cost: $0.99
iTunes: Musical Seats

The iPad is such a great size to use these apps around the house and super easy for the kids to navigate. Through plans just like you have with your mobile, you can take the iPad 2 home from Vodafone with no upfront costs.

If you have an iPad, what are your favourite apps that help entertain the kids during the school holidays?