Christmas Menu Ideas

This post is part of my 10 week Christmas Preparation Plan for 2011.

We are having Christmas at our house this year with a mix of extended families! I am really looking forward to it as my baby sister will have had her baby by then and there will be a tiny one around for Christmas Day!

This year I have chosen a Greek inspired Christmas Menu (family might like to look away now if they want a surprise!). Most of these recipes are new and I am hoping to test run them before Christmas so you may be seeing them on the blog again soon!

Christmas Menu with Greek Inspiration

Greek lemon and feta meatballs
Oysters with lemon dressing

Whole Roasted Chicken with lemon
Greek style roast lamb
Briami (Greek roasted vegetables)
Roast potatoes
Watermelon and feta salad
Greek rice salad

Chocolate mousse
Sticky lemon cake
Raspberry and Malteser Ice cream cake

More Christmas Menu Ideas

Over the last couple of years I have collated some Christmas Menu Plan inspiration! You can find previous years here:

And here are some fresh Christmas menu ideas for 2011:

Curtis’ Guide to Christmas

I have written about the Coles’ Curtis Stone cooking videos before on the blog here and here. Curtis Stone has his guide to Christmas which includes more cooking videos like this!

Highlight: Peach and Rum Glazed Ham
Extras: Lots of tips with each recipe on when to buy and how far in advance you can cook the recipes.
Website: Coles

Christmas with an Aussie accent

Christmas Menu Ideas Raosted Spatchcocks


Embracing the Aussie summer influence for Christmas, this menu plan isn’t one that will keep you in the kitchen all day.

Highlight: Roasted spatchcocks with blood-plum glaze (as illustrated above) and only need to roast for 30 minutes.
Extras: Detailed suggestions for wines to match your Christmas menu.
Website: Taste

Classic family Christmas dinner

This Christmas menu idea is from Sophie Grigson who says:

“There’s a reason this is the classic Christmas dinner. Retro in all the best ways, this menu ticks every box on the season’s satisfaction checklist.

Highlight: Prawn cocktail – can’t get much more retro than that!
Extras: You can print out one complete shopping list for all the recipes on the entire menu plan.
Website: BBC Food

Gluten-free Christmas Menu

Christmas Menu Ideas Gluten Free


I know many who need to cater for gluten free in their menus, so this dinner party menu could easily be your Christmas Day menu if you need to avoid gluten.
Highlight: Spiced yoghurt potato salad – such a nice twist on traditional potato salad.
Extras: A detailed time plan starting the day before Christmas. It is also a simple but creative plan.
Website: Taste

What do you have planned for Christmas this year?