Christmas Gifts For Teachers

This post is part of my 10 week Christmas Preparation Plan for 2011.

In my Christmas in July series I posted tutorials for some handmade gifts that would suit teachers as well as other friends and family. In today’s post I am highlighting bought gifts that I think would work well for teachers. It isn’t always possible to have the time to make a gift, but it can get hard year after year thinking of something to buy for teachers that have played an important role in your child’s life.

World Vision Gifts For Schools

If a teacher has a class of 25 students they could quite possibly end up with a huge amount of small gifts from his/her class. For some teachers, they may love the idea of their gift being one that helps others.

World Vision have a category of gifts that are aimed at providing support for schools and teachers in developing countries, whether it be (click on image for more info):

$5 for pencils


$125 class gift to train a teacher

Quote Book: Inspire

Teacher's Gifts
This gorgeous quote book is from KikkiK. You could pretty much by anything from this store and it would work for a gift for teachers (I love KikkiK!). But as teachers are the ones who are inspiring our kids to learn in the class room everyday, I thought it seemed apt to give something that may help inspire them.


Teacher Gifts
Est is one of my most favourite shops in Melbourne. I often just wander in to have a deep smell of the beautiful soaps they make. But they do sell other things than soaps, like these beautiful handmade journals.


Teacher's Christmas Gifts
When I have spoken to teacher friends they all have told me they do love a good mug! Mozi sell gorgeous mugs, a number of which come in a beautiful tin that would make a lovely gift for teachers. Even a Christmas style one like pictured above.

Quality Tea or Coffee

Christmas Teacher's Gifts
Closely associated to the above point, but can be put together by your child and personalised. Last year I made jars of tea for some teachers who I knew liked to partake in a cup or two. You could do the same thing for coffee if you know that is what your child’s teacher likes to drink.

If you are giving Christmas gifts to your kids’ teachers this year, I would love to hear what you are planning to give?