What To Keep In Your Bag When You Have Little Kids and OiOi Give Away

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In my first year of blogging one of my most popular post was 10 Things I Like To Keep In My Everyday Bag. I think it resonated with readers because as a mum it is important to have the essentials with you.

Nearly three and a half years later, I still always make sure I have a well stocked everyday bag for when I am heading out with the kids.

Nappy Bags - OiOi Retro Hobo
This is what I currently have in my bag as well as the nappies and nappy wipes:

  • Pencil case – pencils, rubber, sharpener.
  • Paper – Different sizes and colour.
  • Business cards – self promotion!!!
  • Coins – always needed for parking.
  • Playing Cards – 5 year old is loving playing 21 at the moment.
  • Die – lots of different games you can play with a couple of die.
  • Hair Stuff – scrunchie, clips, safety pin.
  • Toiletries – tissues, sunscreen and deodorant.
  • Ecobags.
  • Wallet.

The lovely folk at OiOi sent me a couple of nappy bags to test run – the Retro Hobo Nappy Bag and the Carry All Nappy Bag.

Now as you can see the “nappy” contents of my bag are a very small part of what goes in my bag. I generally have 2-3 nappies, wipes and plastic bags to dispose of the offending nappies. The rest of the stuff is really for me and stuff to entertain the kids when we are waiting, at cafes etc.

Retro Hobo Nappy Bag

Nappy Bags - OiOi Retro Hobo
The OiOi Retro Hobo Bag is the perfect bag for a mum like me with a number of kids and who spends quite a bit of time at after school activities at the pool, muddy football ground and parks.

It is made from Eco-friendly TPU Laminated printed 100% cotton twill. I had no idea what TPU was, but the OiOi website explains it as:

TPU = Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomers – An exceptional environment-friendly membrane which is engineered by unrivalled high-technology. TPU has qualities such as flexibility at low temperatures, impact-resistant and flexural in bending . And not only it’s extremely good resistance to penetration and tear propagation but also to weathering . Plus TPU has non-toxic, recyclable, buried, no pollution by burning and decomposable features fast becoming the updated environment-friendly material.

The website also list all the exact features for the Retro Hobo Bag but highlights for me were:

Nappy Bags - OiOi Retro Hobo
It comes with a great set of the essentials – change mat, nappy wipes cover, plastic pocket and insulated bottle holder.

Nappy Bags - OiOi Retro Hobo
Great elastised side pockets, one which can even fit my wallet, so I don’t have to fossick right to the bottom to find it,each time I need it.

It has plenty of space even once I have loaded all my things into it. My bag often fills up with jumpers, shoes and socks, balls etc, so there needs to be additional space.

It also has pockets at each end for water bottles. With five kids, I pretty much always have multiple water bottles, so to be able to store them on the outside is super handy.

Nappy Bags - OiOi Retro Hobo
You know how when you find something pretty cool and interesting, you sort of assume everyone else will? Well one evening I pointed out to Mr I the metal feet on the base and explained how much I liked as it was great for when I am at dirty and wet places and want to put the bag down. He just sort of rolled his eyes at me and didn’t seem to quite get their importance. That would be because he doesn’t tend to carry around a nappy bag very often!

OiOi Carry All Nappy Bag

Nappy Bags - OiOi Red Faux Lizard Carry All
The OiOi Carry All Nappy Bag doesn’t even really look like a nappy bag. It is just like a big oversized handbag but with all the practicality of a nappy bag.

You use the short handles like I did in the photo or there is a detachable long strap you can alternate with.

Nappy Bags - OiOi Red Faux Lizard Carry All
This bag is pocket heaven. On the outside and the inside. I do like pockets on the outside as I find it is easier for kids to access stuff themselves. The kids know the cards are in the outside pocket and can just grab them quickly to play with if I am busy. The Carry All also has the pockets outside for your water bottle.

Nappy Bags - OiOi Red Faux Lizard Carry All
I loved how this bag was divided in half. I set it up so I had nappies and toiletries type stuff on one side and my purse and kids activities on the other side. It made it so easy to find things quickly.

I can recommend heading over to the OiOi facebook page and liking them so you can keep up to date with their new products and sales. You will also be able to find out when they are releasing their samples for sale on ebay too! OiOi Nappy Bags (Diaper Bags in the US!) are stocked world wide. These bags have a RRP of $159 each.

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