Monthly Review, August 2011 and Saying No

Why not ??

I am very excited that Spring is here! Melbourne has been kind towards the end of August and given us some lovely sunshiney days – can’t wait for them to become the norm through out September.

Review of August key tasks

A pretty poor performance from me this month. The reason for it is something I am aware of – I find it really hard to say “no”. This in both my personal and work life. There are always so many wonderful things to do and opportunities to accept, but I have to get better and prioritising which ones I accept and simply limit how many I accept.

  • Stick to my new four rules. Went well on three of them, but still struggling with always doing the important things first. Will keep trying to retrain myself this month.
  • Taking the family out to dinner. – No 🙁 .
  • Visit / call our lovely Nanas. – No 🙁
  • Begin promoting e version of the Planning With Kids book. Made a very small start.

Key tasks for September

I am very optimistic that I can improve on last month’s performance and with school holidays coming towards the end of the month, I am looking forward to making September a month for recharging.

  • Work on saying “no”.
  • Plan for a restful time during school holidays.
  • Take a bush walk or two – we have a break between football and cricket for the older boys, so this is the perfect time to make the best
  • Speaking events – I have a few in September which I need to prepare for. Very excited about this one in Sydney – Digital Parents Unplugged!

How do you go at saying no?
Image by Steve-h