How To Wear Accessories

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I consider myself to be pretty knowledgable on a range of things, but fashion isn’t really one of them. Some people just seem to know what to combine, how to wear it, but I flounder with this. I really had no idea on how to wear accessories, or even thought about what potentially are accessories. So for me the e-book The Finishing Touch: perfecting the art of accessorizing by Imogen Lamport has answered so many questions.

Imogen LamportI do need to declare that Imogen is a friend. Imogen joined my mother’s group once it had turned into a regular playgroup. We had a really great playgroup, but being inner city, everyone, including me starting having more kids and moving to the burbs for more space. I hadn’t been in contact with Imogen for some time, when I came across her fabulous blog last year Inside Out Style.

But I am not just saying nice things about The Finishing Touch because I know Imogen, I am saying these things, because of what I have learnt and am still learning from the book. It has made a significant difference into how I approach accessorising my outfits. There is so much in the e-book that my little fashion narrow brain hasn’t locked it all in – I am keeping the e-book in my walk in wardrobe for handy reference!

The book doesn’t tell you to go out and buy a whole heap of new things, although if you are wanting new accessories it will give you fantastic ideas on what to buy. The Finishing Touch guides you through how to wear accessories that will suit your body shape and for a range of occasions, including the everyday. Here are some changes that I have made to what I wear since reading the e-book:

Adding a scarf

How to wear accessories - scarf comparison
I own a few scarfs, but have never known what to wear them with or how to wear them. There are four pages of photos on how to wear a scarf! Previously I wouldn’t have thought about wearing a scarf with this dress and when I have worn this scarf before, I have worn it so the ends were the same length. I really like the way the differing lengths of the scarf sit.

Wearing a belt

Maybe I should have titled this one “tucking myself in”. I love a plain t-shirt and jeans, and I spend a lot of my time wearing them. However the thought of tucking my t-shirt into my jeans made me feel like I was turning into my mother! My mum always told me to tuck my tops in – keeping your back warm by tucking your top in stops you from getting the chills according to her! Anyway, in the sections about belts, Imogen talks about tucking in and using a belt buckle as a feature. This really does look so much better.

The Finishing Touch E-book

Reading The Finishing Touch: perfecting the art of accessorizing has changed my view on accessories completely. The thing I loved most about the book, was how I have used the tips to change what I am wearing only slightly, but I feel much more “dressed up” and confident in what I am wearing. I don’t obsess over what I wear each day, but taking an extra five minutes in the morning to accessorise my outfit actually changes the way I feel about how I look and gives my attitude a boost.

It has been interesting to note although not done for this purpose, I have received many more compliments from those around me about what I am wearing when I have added a little something to my outfit!

The e-book is $US19.95, over 100 pages long and covers topics including:

  • Why accessories matter
  • How to change your accessories to change your look
  • Create focal points
  • How to figure out your face shape
  • How to choose a necklace to work with your neckline, and much much more.

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