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The best thing about blogging is the two way conversation that happens. I write stuff and readers give me their thoughts and ideas. Readers ask me questions and I can use the blog to answer their questions.

The very lovely Christie from Childhood 101 has an interview with me on her blog at the moment – Family Organisation Tips from Nicole Avery of Planning With Kids. I answer some of Christie’s questions on how I organise my family and she has also set up a facebook chat where others can ask me questions too!

If you would like to ask me a question about getting more organised at home with your own family, you can join Christie and I for a Facebook chat over on the Childhood 101 Facebook page next Tuesday, 24th May from 7-8pm Perth, Western Australia time / 9-10pm EST (here is a time convertor tool for overseas readers).One lucky chat participant will have the chance to win a copy of Planning With Kids.

Reviews of The Planning with Kids Book!

Review of The Planning With Kids Book!

Keep Cate Busy - Planning with Kids the book

As is Nic's way, she's managed to cram a lifetime of information into one book - all organised into practical sections so you don't have to hunt to find the bit you immediately need.

Writing Out Loud - Planning With Kids - you know the blog, now read the book

There is more - much more - in this book, and I recommend you check it out. It is not written in a preaching tone and Nicole never pretends to have a perfectly scheduled family or the eternally neat display home, but she does share her experiences in making life as a parent, and as part of a family, better.

Interview with Nikki from Styling You - From blog to book: two bloggers launch this week

Publishers now expect authors to have a social media base to be able to leverage to sell the book to and create publicity. My social media following also gave me more leverage when it came to contract negotiations.

Maxabella Loves - Loving Planning with Kids and Kikki K giveaways!

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking how on earth does a mother of five kids find the time? Well, she finds the time because she has read her own book.

Play, Eat, Learn, Live - Reading Notes - Planning with Kids

I'm going to go out on a limb in this post and describe a book as THE single most practical parenting-related book I've ever read.

Childhood 101 -Family Organisation Tips from Nicole Avery of Planning With Kids

Routines and structures need to be fluid and a work in progress. I can always tell when we are out of sync with the routines we are trying to follow and what the kids’ needs are. This usually represents itself in the younger ones in the form of difficult behaviour, tantrums and unwillingness to co-operate.

Friends in Low Places - Menu planning - Week 1

I recently purchased Nicole Avery's book, 'Planning With Kids'. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that it has changed my life. Nicole also has a blog by the same name - here's the link.

Mummy Mayhem - Taming the Laundry Beast

I'm only up to Chapter Two, and already I've picked up a swag of tips. Quite frankly, I reckon a mother of five kids, who can also maintain a successful blog, has to know something, right? Indeed she does.

Aspiring Millionaire - Planning with Kids - Book Review

We have had a bedtime routine for some time, but never really implemented any other routines. It is easy to think of routines as restrictive, but what they actually do is give you more time, as there is a time for everything, things get done quicker and jobs don’t pile up. By implementing a few simple changes and creating a few simple routines life in my house runs much smoother. It also helps stop some arguments as everyone knows what is expected and when. (Notice I said some, not all arguments!!)

Picklebums - Planning with Kids Book Review and Give Away

All through the book Nicole shares her personal journey. She tells us what has worked for her in the past, how she manages things now, and gives lots of ideas on ways to manage day to day tasks as well as bigger family issues and events. I love that she talks about systems needing to ‘grow and evolve with your family’, and I love that there are no ‘you must’ ‘you should’ ‘you have to’…. just lots of really good ideas.

Sleepless Nights Review Blog - Planning with Kids by Nicole Avery

The very first video review (vlog). The book has Veronica thinking and wanting to get more organised - go check out her video!

Milk 'n' Cookies - Thank You Nicole Avery

For those of you who really do not know about this book I implore you to go and have a look at the Planning with Kids website. Not only is it full of pearls of wisdom such as this but as her nickname (The Planning Queen) suggests, Nicole has some amazing ideas and tools for organising yourself, your home and your family. From budgeting tips to kids routines to discipline strategies – she somehow covers the lot without overloading the reader with boring blah blah blah but instead giving examples that allow the reader to put her methods and ideas into practice.

Squiggle Mum- Organising the Chaos

Part II contains great common-sense advice for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children. I enjoyed reading this section and found myself nodding along much of the way. I also picked up some wonderful tips from Nicole, and from the other quoted mums with children a little older than mine. There is always something we can learn from those who have gone before us.

Be A Fun Mum - Organised Chaos: The Planning With Kids Book

There’s a holistic approach to the book that’s not limited to organisation strategies. I’ll venture to say the book gives a comprehensive guide to family life. It’s not so much about parenting as it is about the beauty that is family. That is what struck me.I finished the book with renewed excitement about making plans for my own family. I can’t remember last time a book did that for me.

Nobashake - My life with the Dreaded D’s

I read this and think OMG that is totally me. I feel the levels of stress rising and wait for it to explode – usually at hubby the moment he walks in the door (sorry my milkman – I love you so much). I am slowly reading through Avery’s book and finding that once I get over her awesomeness at planning with 5 kids, she has some really great ways to help me organise my life! I already find myself working in 15 minute blocks.

Our Life In Blog Form - Planning Revolution

Dirty dishes - check, overflowing laundry basket - check, mountains of paperwork - check, general untidiness - check. Yes, all the hallmarks of a disorganised household right here. I need help.

I bought Nic's book yesterday and I have made a big indent into already. It is so well written and bursting with simple but effective suggestions on introducing some order into your life. We'll be implementing a few of them straight away.

Let the planning revolution begin.