2011 Quarter 1 Review

Setting Goals

Actually a month late, but the launch of the book in April combined with a trip to Hong Kong, really mixed up everything! I didn’t want to miss doing the review though because this it is a critical step in making sure I keep myself honest when it comes to the goals I have set for the year.

If you haven’t set goals for this year, it is never too late. Goals sound like they have to be huge, important and involve a lot of work, but they don’t have to be. They can be about:

  • your own personal development
  • your fitness
  • your learning
  • your time invested in friendships
  • your time invested in your relationship with your partner and kids

If you are after more help on setting goals, I go through the process I use in this post Setting SMART Goals.

Quarter 1 Review of My Goals for 2011

Quarter 1 has been much busier than expected for a number of blogging and family reasons. I have chosen to reassess some of my goals to take this into account and to make sure I don’t burn myself out.

10 Goals for 2011Progress
1.Launch new blog and realaunch two smaller ones, together by end of March.I decided to just do a soft launch in March and a more dedicated launch in the second half of the year.

I underestimated the time involved with supporting the launch of the Planning With Kids Book and for my own sanity, I needed to pull back on this project.
2.Begin creating video content for the blog by February.I decided to scrap this goal all together. I struggle to do this sometimes because once I set a goal I want to be able to give it the big tick. But I need to be realistic about how many hours in a day I actually have!
3.Go to the Aussie Bloggers Conference in Sydney.Did it and had an amazing time.
4.See a band once a quarter with my friends.I am so determined not to give up on this goal. It has been unmet for over a year now as it is a carry over from 2010. Let's see how I go in qtr 2.
5.Go out to dinner once a quarter with the family.Completed for Qtr 1 - finally success!
6.Take the family bush walking twice through out the year.Yet to start on this one.
7.Have a weekend away with my partner and I (no kids!) by May.I can see no way this is going to happen in May or June or July 🙁 . I shall aim for Sept.
8.Host one dinner party for 8 by the end of the year.Although I am not planning to have this until Spring, I actually have sketched out an idea of what I want to do.
9.Donate food to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre quarterly.Completed for Qtr 1.
10.Visit or call our Nana’s monthly.Going pretty well, just need to find a better routine for doing this though.

So I maybe scraped over the line to have a 50% achievement rate for this quarter. I am philosophical about this, as opposed to being disappointed with myself (which is usually how I feel).

Many of the projects I am undertaking for the first time like the book and it is all completely new to me. The book is also bringing in many other media opportunities for me that take time to prepare for and fulfill. I need to adjust my expectations, be flexible and enjoy the ride while it lasts!

How has the first quarter of 2011 been for you?