Huggies MumInspired Grant Program

Image by Jeff KubinaI

When I first started blogging, I had been out of the paid workforce for seven years. Blogging seemed like a great way for me to learn some new skills, share my knowledge and dip my toe into the online world. I knew eventually I would want to return to the paid work force in some way, but didn’t like the idea of having to return to my corporate days so thought it would be worthwhile learning about new media.

As the years have passed with the blog, I have begun being able to earn a small part time income from it, but on a larger scale it has provided other income opportunities for me with freelance writing and my forthcoming book!

Online and in the real world, I see many other mums trying the same thing. Looking for ways to earn an income and find stimulation through paid work, by leveraging their extensive skill base and creative ideas they have.

If you have been trying to start up your own business or have an idea that you know will work, but just need some financial support to get it going then you should enter Huggies MumInspired Grant Program:

The Huggies MumInspired Grant Program is awarding 5 grants of $20,000 as well as hints and tips to further the development of original product ideas and startup businesses.

Ideas must be original products or services designed to help make life easier for parents so that they can better enjoy everyday moments with their little ones, from pre-natal care through the early childhood years up to 4 years of age. It’s important to note that Huggies® does not specifically seek ideas that are nappy or hygiene related.

5 winners will each receive a grant of $20,000. The general public will then be invited to vote for their favorite idea from the 5 winners. The winner of this vote will receive an additional $10,000 bringing their grant to $30,000.

I think this provides an amazing opportunity for a mum with an idea and passion to make it a reality. The Huggies MumInspired website has comprehensive information on how to apply for the grant, what they are looking for and how the successful applicants will be chosen. It also has a fantastic Business Resources section which has really useful info on topics like How to Write a Business Plan, How to Set Up a Website and Protecting Your Idea. Useful stuff even if you have started your business.

EDIT: Applications close Sunday 1st May 2011.

While I don’t expect you to share your actual idea, I would love to know if you have thought about starting up your own business or if you have started up your own business feel free to write about it in the comments.