Monthly Review, March 2011

View From Plane

Image by mischiru

Hello April! So is time to see how I am tracking against my goals for 2011:

Review of Key Tasks For March

  1. Final preparations for the Aussie Bloggers Conference and preparing to go to Sydney
  2. The conference seems so long ago now! You can see my reflections on the conference here.

    Personally though, I did enjoy the time away on my own. The lead up to going away for me was a bit manic and when I arrived at the airport for my flight, to find it was delayed by 30 minutes, it gave me time to catch my breath.

    And have a little cry. I was surprised by this, I had been looking so forward to going, but having left a crying toddler in the car, I did start to feel self indulgent and guilty about going. I rang Mr I who promptly laughed at me and said I deserved it and to go read my book on the plane. I actually fell asleep instantly on the plane and slept the whole way to Sydney (did the same on the way back too!). The book has yet to be read.

  3. Sign off on the final pages of the book!
  4. Done! It was amazing to see a hard copy of the manuscript. I actually had it in the house for two days, before I even flicked past the cover page. I was nervous I would read it and hate it. Thankfully I didn’t at all and the set up and design looks really great. So looking forward to it coming back from the printers.

  5. Donate food to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.
  6. The food is sitting there waiting for me to take it to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre drop off point. I will do it before we go away.

  7. Catching up with friends and family
  8. I did catch up with lots of family and friends in March. Probably almost over did it to be honest. But it was so lovely to reconnect and feel more engaged with those around me.

Key Tasks For April

The month of April includes Easter and school holidays for us this year. As such I am keeping key tasks to the essentials:

  1. Family Holiday
  2. We went away at Christmas time to Mildura where my family is which was a lovely break away from Melbourne, but it didn’t really feel like a holiday. This school holidays we are going to have a very exciting family holiday which will require some preparation, so I will be working on that.

    Once we get back from our holiday, I intend to keep the remainder of the school holidays low key with lots of home based fun and catching up with friends.

  3. Soft launch of the Planning With Kids Book
  4. The Planning With Kids Book will be making its way into book stores around the country from April 19, but due to school holidays, Easter, ANZAC Day, the official launch won’t be until May.

    Through out April though I will be working on publicity for the book with the lovely team at Wiley. I have already written a number of articles for magazines to published in the upcoming months and will hopefully be doing more.

    Are you going away in April? What is your focus for the month?