New Parenting Resource on Exercise and Nutrition For Kids

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Both my husband and I exercise regularly and aim to eat pretty healthily. As this is something we want our kids to do, it is important we role model the right behaviours and the right attitude. To me exercising isn’t a chore, it is something I love to do and always feel recharged.

When I get back from the gym the kids will often want to do some “exercising” with me. We will have a run out in the street and then attempt some strengthening exercises. This is often hilarious! Watching the 2, 4, 7 and 9 year old do some stomach hovers or squats as they struggle with co-ordination and balance shows me the type of exercises I am showing them are too advanced for their age.

A new initiative by leading Australian food processing and packaging solutions company Tetra Pak, called Tetra Pak Kids, has great ideas on both healthy eating and exercises for kids aged six to ten years. You can find recipes endorsed by Darren Simpson (resident chef of Seven’s Sunrise show), but the highlight for my kids were the exercises demonstrated by Wendell Sailor with young kids giving them a go too.

Unlike the stomach hovers I had been trying to teach my kids, these are age appropriate exercise designed especially for six to 10 year olds. But most importantly they are fun. There is also nothing like adding some learning into it either! Like with this exercise The World of the Weird Spelling Championships:

and this exercise Down By The Pond:

The links to each exercise also contain written instructions, but I found my kids preferred to watch the video then have a go themselves.

Tetra Pak Kids Events

During early April and the school holidays Tetra Pak Kids events are taking place across Sydney. There will be plenty of participation and hands on experience for parents and kid:

  • Footy fans will delight as Wendell Sailor puts the Tetra Pak Kids through their paces, including a circuit of child-friendly exercises such as balance, strength, coordination and team work.
  • Older kids will also be entertained with an exclusive Tetra Pak teen zone set up on the day.
  • Celebrity chef Darren Simpson will whip up a storm in the Tetra Pak Kids Cooking School. Parents will learn quick and simple healthy lunch box/snack ideas from Darren that can be easily re-created at home.

For full details and a list of locations, see the Tetra Pak Kids website. A great way to keep the kids entertained and active this school holidays.

Do you exercise with your kids? What type of exercise do they love best?