Monthly Review, February 2011

Now two months into 2011, I am just starting to feel I have some rhythm and routine going on now. So is time to see how I am tracking against my goals for 2011:

Review of Key Tasks For February

  1. Work on blog designs
  2. One of my goals this year was to launch a new blog and redesign two smaller blogs I have. All the headers have been created (they look fantastic too) and I am now just needing to tweak the theme further, change fonts, colours etc. It will be a bit of work, but I am pretty sure I will have them launched next month!

  3. Begin creating video content for the blog by February
  4. This activity however will not be happening as planned. I still want to do video content, but I just don’t have the time to focus on getting it up and running. So this is my first change to my 2011 goals. I am going to move this task to the second half of the year (after June), when I have a few less things going on.

  5. Preparations for the Aussie Bloggers Conference in Sydney, on March 19.
  6. Myself, Brenda, Veronica, Tina and Karen are feverishly working to put the finishing touches on the inaugural Aussie Bloggers Conference. Lots of lists to check and items to cross off, but we are getting there!

  7. Editing the manuscript
  8. I had a fabulous editor for the manuscript. She was a freelancer working from home with a couple of children. The perfect person to read my book! This is all very new to me and my editor was great at helping me through the process and most importantly has helped make the manuscript so much better! This stage finished about two weeks ago and now we are into the typesetting phase.

Key Tasks For March

  1. Final preparations for the Aussie Bloggers Conference and preparing to go to Sydney
  2. Not only will I be working on the final preparations for the Aussie Bloggers Conference, but I will need to get myself organised for my trip to Sydney. I am quite excited to be heading interstate for a few days on my own. The last time I went away on my own, was for a fab girls week end in the city for two nights about four years ago.

  3. Sign off on the final pages of the book!
  4. Very soon I will get to see the final pages of the book and have my final read through where I have the opportunity to make any changes. I am going to take the manuscript and leave the house to read through it, to make sure I can really focus on it. We are also starting to firm up covers, fonts, dates and all sorts of fun things! Will share more about this over the coming weeks.

  5. Donate food to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.
  6. We made our first donation to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) before Christmas last year. The ASRC keeps an updated list on their website of what items are in need the most, you can see the list here. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been buying extra items and putting them aside. We should have a good size parcel to donate by the end of March.

  7. Catching up with friends and family
  8. When I was a bit crazy busy late last year, one of the things that dropped off, was catching up with friends and family as much as I would have liked. I have been making sure this year is different! Already I have caught up with a number of friends who I hadn’t seen for ages and it has been so lovely to reconnect. Still more lovely people I need to see though, so will keep it as a focus for March.

What do you have planned for March?