Kids Chores – What My Kids Do In The Morning

So we have been back at school for a few weeks now. Over the holidays we ran to such a different pace and timetable – it was lovely! While the kids have been getting themselves ready for school with no problem, the completion of their usual morning jobs has been hit and miss.

To their defense we did have a big shake up with who does what, with our eldest child heading off to secondary school. So to stop me going crazy and having to remind them to do everything, we made a Kids Chores Chart to stick on the fridge. And it has helped so much!

The chart doesn’t include our eldest as he runs to such a different routine now (a post in itself!) but includes the youngest four – even the two year old!

It also doesn’t document what the kids need to do to get themselves ready each morning. You can find that in this post – Children’s Routines.

9 year old

7 year old

4 year old

2 year old

Take own breakfast dishes to sink.Take own breakfast dishes to sink.Take own breakfast dishes to sink.
Take own breakfast dishes to sink.
Stack dishwasher.Put milk and juice in fridge.Put cereal back in pantry.Help 4 year old with cereal.
Make bed.Make bed.Make bed."Help" mum make bed.
Tidy bedroom.Tidy bedroom.Tidy bedroom."Help" mum tidy bedroom.
Put away clean clothes (if any to do).Put away clean clothes (if any to do).Put away clean clothes (if any to do)."Help" mum put away clean clothes (if any to do).

You can download a template for the kids chores chart below. In the word document chart I have inserted pictures for my 4 year old, as he can’t read just yet and can work out from the image what he needs to do:

Kids Chores Chart – Age Appropriate Example

Do you make your kids do chores in the morning and if so what do you expect for their age – I would love to know!