Back To School Routines

Tomorrow my eldest starts his first day of secondary school and then next week the other two school kids start Term 1. I am going to be sorry to see the end of the school holidays. I loved the slower pace, the reduced running around and most importantly just spending more time hanging out with the kids.

With back to school upon us, I thought it the perfect time to collate my posts that help with school organisation. It was a great refresher for me about what I am heading back to next week!

10 Tips For Organised School Mornings

10 Tips For Organised School Mornings will give you ideas on how you can get out the door on time and without stress (hopefully!).

10 Things To Do Before You Go To Bed

Organised school mornings start for me the night before, so here are some ideas on what you can do before you go to bed, to make life easier in the morning.

Children’s Information Sheet

Child Information Form
Start of the new school year means more forms. I have a Children Information Sheet you can download and use as a reference sheet, instead of having to search around for all the required bits of info.

A Place For Everything

Get Organized For School
In this post Getting The School Gear Organised I share some ideas on how to store the kids school gear, so they can be responsible for keeping things in their place and know where to find them.

School Lunch Box Process

Get Organized For School
I find the whole school lunch thing so repetitive and tedious! To make it as easy as possible for myself I have a created a process to simplify and stream line it. You can check it out here School Lunch Box Process.

And if you want some lunch box weekly plans you can check out these posts:

What tips do you have for getting back into the swing of the school year?