10 Things My Kids Do That Remind Me Of My Childhood

Hello! I am back from my online leave. We have been having a wonderful time. Doing lots of hanging out, playing games and some fun activities away from home here and there. The pace has been wonderfully slow and after such a busy end to 2010 I am loving it.

Over the last couple of weeks I have had plenty of time to play with and observe the kids in action. So much of what they have been doing has reminded me of my childhood like:

  1. Putting roly polys (we called them butcher boys) and grass in a container and keep them for a pet.
  2. Fill an empty tic tac container with water and use it as a drink bottle.
  3. Pretend to be asleep so they can be carried out of the car late at night and laid straight down to bed.
  4. Pace eat. Make sure they are eating the same amount of lollies as their sibling, so they aren’t left with no lollies while others still have some left.
  5. Mark out divisions in the room, where their sibling can not enter.
  6. Save the best food on the plate (eg roast potatoes) for last.
  7. Try jumping of things – shed roof, trees anything really that is high!
  8. Make dams in the gutters after big rains.
  9. Instantly play a game with new kids and become great friends.
  10. Find the loop hole in the rules mum and dad set to worm out of breaking them!

What do your kids do, that remind you of when you were a kid?