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Chrismtas Menu Plans Garden Party

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Over the last couple of years I have collated some Christmas Menu Plan inspiration! You can find previous years here:

The focus of this years Christmas Menu Plans are on simplicity and ease!

No-worries vegetarian Christmas feast

This Christmas Menu Plan is from Levi Roots and as such has a heavy Caribbean influence. It has some lovely twists on traditional Christmas recipes.
Highlight: Citrus and pomegranate salad with chilli-honey dressing
Extras: You can print out a shopping list for the entire menu plan.
Website: BBC Food

Christmas garden party

Hopefully summer will come for Christmas and there will be some sunshine if you want to have a lovely Christmas Garden Party. This menu plan allows you to create a sumptuous buffet lunch which lets your guests serve themselves.
Highlight: Pistachio & cardamom ice-cream with rosewater watermelon
Extras: A detailed time plan starting two days before Christmas. They also list drinks to match to the meals that you will be serving.
Website: Taste

Nigella Lawson’s Christmas Menu

I thought Nigella would have a very fancy Christmas Menu Plan but the goddess of the kitchen says:

I think the mistake people make most when entertaining is to get too fancy with the food,” says Lawson. “No one is ever too sophisticated for the basic pleasures of home cooking, and there is something about those old favorites that makes everyone feel a little leap of joy in the heart.”

Highlight: Perfect Roast Potatoes
Extras: Along with the menu plan Nigella also details a timeline and tips for effortless prep, setup, and serving.
Website: Epicurious

Seafood BBQ Christmas Menu Plan

This is a casual seafood barbecue feast, that would be perfect if you are away from home and holidaying for Christmas.
Highlight: Barbecued whole salmon with cracked wheat stuffing and coriander cream
Extras: Lots of extras for this plan including a comprehensive planner starting 2 days before Christmas, a shopping list and a gallery of photos so you can see what each dish looks like.
Website: HomeLife

EDIT: Added these extra menu plans!

Gluten Free Christmas Menu Plans

Two fabulous Melbourne bloggers have already posted their gluten free Christmas Menu Plans, if you have family with dietary restrictions I suggest you check these out!

What are you going to be eating for Christmas this year?