Preparing The House For Going On Holidays

This post is part of my Christmas Preparation plan. This week’s task was starting to get the house organised for going away.


I have posted about this a couple of years ago – the checklist I have to work through before we go away on holidays, but given the time of year it seemed appropriate to give it a bit of an update!

Having the checklist means that I can hang it on the fridge and as we do the tasks, they can be ticked off and I know how we are tracking. It is a great way to get the whole family involved in preparations for going on holidays.

1.Cancel Newspaper
2.Cancel Milk Deliveries
3.Arrange Garbage Collection
4.Arrange Mail Collection
5.Arrange Dog Sitting
6.Clear Out the Fridge
7.Empty Compost Bucket
8.Empty Kitchen Bin
9.Meal Plan and Shopping List for Returning Week
10.Work Through Washing
11.Vacuum The House
12.Turn Off Appliances at the Switch
13.Check All Windows and Doors Locked

You can download a word document of the checklist here:

Preparing the Home Checklist

What are some of the things you do before you leave on holiday?